Ariane Lipski Says Isabella De Padua Swindled The UFC

Ariane Lipski competed on the preliminary card of UFC Fight Night Sao Paulo, defeating Isabella De Padua by unanimous decision.

A defeated De Padua missed weight for the encounter, but Lipski believes the fighter simply swindled the UFC to gain an unfair advantage in the fight.

“Unprofessional,” Lipski said after the event (via Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting). “The first obligation of a fighter is to make weight. She tried to get an advantage to win the fight, saying she would make weight but then be heavier and have an advantage. That did not piss me off, but wasn’t the right thing. She doesn’t have my respect… It pissed me off a little bit, but I was focused from start to finish.”

De Padua missed weight for the bout by 4.5 pounds and she was the only fighter to miss weight for the event.

Lipski said she had the opportunity to not face De Padua, but opted to fight the overweight competitor in the end.

“After the weigh-ins, I thought (about not taking the fight) because she was 4.5 pounds heavier,” Lipski said. “What I was waiting for was if the UFC would give me a fight in December. If they did I wouldn’t fight (in Sao Paulo), but since there was no fight in December I said I would fight right now. Isabela lied about her weight. She said she would make weight and took the spot from another athlete that was willing to make weight.”

The win for Lipski was her first in the UFC and now the fighter has a 1-2-0 record in the promotion.

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