Korean Zombie Issues Statemet On UFC Fight Island 6 Loss: "I Don't Remember" Last Three Rounds

Chan Sung Jung competed in the main event of UFC Fight Island 6, suffering a unanimous decision loss to Brian Ortega.

Jung would take to Instagram after the loss, admitting that he doesn’t remember the later rounds of the fight after eating a spinning elbow strike from Ortega in round two.

MMA Junkie provided the following transcript of what Jung wrote:

I don’t remember the third, fourth and fifth rounds. I can’t remember, but it’s amazing to see how I’m fighting..haha.. I have to find out why I lost when I lose the game. Right, I’m just a fool. Ortega was so good… I just feel so embarrassed about me now. Still, thank you for supporting me a lot. I’m sorry.

MMA Junkie again provided the following transcript for what Jung wrote:

When the fifth round was about one minute left, my mind returned. So, at the end of the fifth round, I knew if the fourth round would start. ㅋㅋRounds 3, 4, and 5 were just… fights. Obviously, I was expecting to be South Po, and I prepared a lot, and Eddie coach also ordered properly.. Gym left-handed players are using the technique of harassing left-handed athletes. But… haha ​​If I play again, I want to prepare for the third round. #Now it’s really okay #I’m okay with blaming mockery #Hahaha #I’m so sorry for only one person

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