Wikipedia Fact Check With Sonjay Dutt!


WIKI: 5'8", 194 lbs, is that true?

Sonjay Dutt: (True) "5'8" yes." (False) "I don't think I've ever weighed 194 lbs. Matter of fact, I couldn't even tell you what I weigh. I really don't weigh myself, I kind of just look at myself in the mirror as this is a cosmetic industry and I don't think weight has any bearing on things, it's just how you look. But I can tell you for a fact that I've never weighed 194 lbs."

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Fightful: Fun story, I did this with EC3 once and it said 246. He was like, "No! 225 at the most." And then after I ran and published it, someone edited it and made it 252." 

Dutt: "Hey, he's a body guy, so these weights, those numbers, those are real important to a body guy like that." 

Fightful: He says he just tells Borash, "I'm really jacked, just say what I am." 

WIKI: Larry Sharpe and John Dalton trained you.

Dutt: (False) "I don't know John Dalton, I don't know who that is. Larry Sharpe trained me for a day. John Dalton, is that Andy Dalton's father?" 

Fightful: Well, it depends on which Andy Dalton you're talking about. 

Dutt: "A Texas independent wrestler right now."

Fightful: I was gonna say, if you're talking about my Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, then I don't want you anywhere near anything. 

Dutt: "Larry trained me for a day, and I guess maybe more specifically a few hours."

Fightful: Wow.

WIKI:  You graduated from the KYDA Pro Wrestling training school in Northern Virginia. 

Dutt: (True) "That's right."

WIKI: Dutt acted as a mouthpiece for the perpetually mute Sabu. This angle was postponed and then dropped after Sabu was sidelined with various health problems.

Dutt: (False) "No, we actually did that. We did that angle. I was his mouthpiece as he and Raven were having a feud and that kind of goes to Raven. He took a huge liking to me, and at that time we were doing indie shows every weekend, so we would be together all the time. He thought I'd be a good fit for Sabu. We did that and I think maybe soon after is when he had some issues down in Puerto Rico. Maybe that's what the health issues were. But that angle did happen." 

WIKI: In the interim, Dutt made appearances with World Wresting Entertainment, provoking rumors of an imminent contract offer. Did you get a contract offer and what was that experience like? 

Dutt: (False) "Nothing really. I had, at the time, Tommy Dreamer was talent relations at the time and I had received a couple calls from him. I remember one specifically, I was in Japan, and three weeks later, this is like 2004 or '05. It was a different day in technology back then. But three weeks later I check my voicemail, 'Hey, this is Tommy Dreamer, we'd like to have you come down,' or something, but I missed that boat."

WIKI: You were featured in the 2004 game Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood.

Dutt: (True) "That's right, that's right! Kevin Gill, KG, of podcast fame, of Juggalo fame, he was working for Eidos Interactive, which was a video game company back then. They put out The Best of Backyard or Backyard Wrestling 2, the sequel to the first video game. It featured myself --"

Fightful: Josh Prohibition, Matt Cross. I remember!

Dutt: "Yep, yep. A lot of CZW guys. It was awesome, actually. I was like 21, 22, in a video game, getting flown out to San Francisco, going in the studio, cool stuff."

WIKI: You also did some of the motion capturing for Saints Row the Third. 

Dutt: (True) "Yeah! I've been doing motion capture since 2006. I've done Saints Row, Mortal Kombat, those would be the big two non-pro wrestling games that I've done."

Fightful: The day before they served Young Bucks with a cease and desist, 2K was like "hey, can you come do some motion capture for us?" Have you ever had anything like that, where you're working for maybe a TNA or somebody, and a different company is like hey how about some motion capturing? Because you are one of those guys who can do kind of everything.

Dutt: "Right, and I think that's kind of like been to my advantage as far as motion capture. They throw specifically ... there was a pro wrestling mission. I don't know if you're a gamer, but there was a specific pro wrestling lucha libre mission towards the end of the game in the story, and if you ever play Saints Row the Third and you go to lucha libre mission, that's all me. Even some of the stuff where you're walking. It's an open world game and you're walking down the street and you can grab somebody and give them a DDT, stuff like that. And actually the guys that were behind that were big pro wrestling fans, so that's kind of where that came from. That all worked out great."

WIKI: It has like seven finishing moves listed for you. Just tell me which ones are, and which ones aren't. The 450 splash, the camel clutch, the diving splash, the Hindu press, the moon stomp --" 

Dutt: (True) "Yep, all that's accurate, yeah." 

WIKI: Sonjay cutter.

Dutt: (True) "Yeah, there you go." 

WIKI: And a running shooting star press.

Dutt: (True) "Yes, yes. I've done all those." 

Fightful: Accurate!

Dutt: "Yeah, not bad! Does it have any of my personal live on there? There's nothing there, is there?" 

Fightful: A little bit.

WIKI: Most of your extended family still lives in New Delhi. 

Dutt: (True) "Yeah, for the most part."

WIKI: And your parents moved to the United States from India before you were born.

Dutt: (True) "Yeah, yeah, a couple years before I was born was when they immigrated here, to the Washington DC area. Correct, wow."

Fightful: Other than that, it insinuates you're a pretty private dude. Not a lot of personal info.

Dutt: "That's the way I like it. Let's keep it like that." 

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