More UFC Fighters Are Sharing Unsettling Stories About Joe Silva

Joe Silva is a former UFC matchmaker and a member of the UFC Hall Of Fame, but after the last week, it looks like Silva could be turning into one of the more despised people who has ever worked for the promotion.

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez shared a story recently about Silva and now a bunch of other former UFC fighters are speaking out as well.

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“Joe Silva was a savage, man. A f*cking savage. He was a guy who was on Sherdog forums, was a big fan, and then got this role as the matchmaker of the UFC, dealing with the toughest guys in the world. Joe Silva is 5-foot-1. He’s this kind of little Sherdog forum troll who got some power in the UFC. He had a lot of power, controlled a lot of guys’ destinies. Got drunk on ego. He was a motherf*cker, man. … I would assume every fighter has a Joe Silva story. I remember when I fought Crop Cop, as I’m walking out, he goes, ‘You better not treat him like your f*cking friend. Got out there and knock him out.’ It’s like, ‘All right, thanks, dude. You’re 5-foot, though.'”

- Brendan Schaub on Below The Belt (via MMA Junkie)

Extra special a**hole.

We had just renegotiated a new contract and Joe was pissed I was getting a pay bump. I only had one loss to GSP at the time. Joe said fine, you’ll get this number but as soon as you lose we are going to cut you and sign you back for half as much

- Jon Fitch on Twitter

I used to hear that speech.Then I gave him a “fight of the year”,only got a normal bonus and a pat on the back.Joe Silva called a couple days later and made sure I got the lowest pay he could give me for my next title fight 42k/42k. No PPV point/nothing. Definitely no residuals

Lol. People have no idea what he put fighters through

- Gray Maynard on Twitter

There are many. One time, as I was at the curtain about to make the walk, he reminded me why he signed me and why he hadn’t cut me yet. In other words, perform how I expect or you’re gone. One hell of a pep talk when you’re already under immense pressure. *fixed for spelling*

- Mike Pierce on Twitter

Joe Silva told me…Since I lost on the Ultimate Fighter that I would never be good enough for the UFC. So once I got in he hated me, then couldn’t wait for me to lose. So he gave me four badass newcomers and once I lost he cut me after 3 previous KO victories.

- Gerald Harris on Twitter

Dec 4 I had my first fight in ufc after i won i asked joe sliva if he needed me in jan cause it was my bday my daughters first bday and christmas plus new years and i just wanted to take rest of month off but if you need me ill stay in the gym. He said I dont need you i said ok then he calls me dec 28 offers me a fight im two weeks i said no i couldnt even make the weight if i wanted to and we already had this talk. So cause i said no they put me on the shelf for six months waited till I was starving and broke before offering a fight on two weeks notice against a killer. Thats how ufc does business. Your just cattle to them.

- Roland Delorme on Facebook

I remember one time in Sacramento he was so pissed that Tim defended against Monson, in the morning on the way to the airport he told Tim, “your job is to entertain”. I looks at Tim and Joe, then said, “ Tim, your job is to win. You’re the champ”. He was so pissed at me.

- Matt Pena on Twitter

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