AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 - AEW World Title - Kenny Omega vs. PAC vs. Orange Cassidy Result

Kenny Omega still holds all the gold.

Kenny Omega was victorious at AEW Double or Nothing, successfully defending his AEW World Title in a triple threat match against PAC and Orange Cassidy. The finish saw Omega roll up Cassidy with a crucifix pin after Don Callis had gotten involved.

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AEW World Championship Triple Threat Match
Kenny Omega (c) vs Orange Cassidy vs PAC

Kenny cheapshots Juice before exchangin with PAC and locking in a standing side headlock before dropping him with a shoulder block before they run into each other with cross bodies as Orange rolls back inside and covers both Kenny and PAC before hitting a double head scissors. Orange hits PAC with a suicide dive before hitting Kenny with a DDT for two before PAC hits a head scissors to Kenny and follows up with an asai moonsault before choking Orange in the corner and hitting a missile dropkick before hitting Kenny with one. PAC follows up with a double missile dropkick before Kenny hits Orange with a back stabber and PAC with a back suplex for one before they exchange strikes until Kenny launches PAC into the corner with a kick before Orange gets two off of a clutch. Kenny hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before taking out both PAC and Orange and hitting Rise of the Terminator before Orange hits Kenny with a stunner before they exchange pin falls and PAC hits a double 450 onto Kenny and Orange. Kenny hits a snap dragon to Orange before hitting Orange with a V-Trigger and PAC hits Kenny with a German and superkicks Orange before Kenny hits a V-Trigger in the corner and PAC hits Kenny with an avalanche German before Orange hits a flipping senton onto PAC onto the floor. Back in the ring Kenny hits Orange with a Tiger Driver for a deep two count before hitting PAC with a bridging German for two before dropping Orange with several knees and everyone hits a move before PAC gets a near fall off of a brainbuster before PAC hits a sunset flip and an avalanche falcon arrow. Orange rushes back inside and tosses PAC out of the ring before covering Kenny for a near fall before PAC kicks Orange low and takes out Kenny at ringside before hitting Orange with the Black Arrow for a near fall that Kenny breaks up before PAC misses a second Black Arrow and PAC counters a One Winged Angel into a Brutalizer. Orange takes out PAC before hitting Kenny with a right hand and his finisher for a near fall before Orange takes out PAC and rocks Kenny before Don Callis gets up from commentary and pulls the referee out of the ring before PAC locks in the Brutalizer. Kenny gets back inside and stomps PAC who won't break up the hold before before Orange nearly passes out and Kenny takes out the referee before hitting PAC and Orange with all of his titles before Orange pins Kenny for a near fall and Kenny wins with a crucifix.

Winner: Kenny Omega retains his AEW World title by defeating Orange Cassidy and PAC via pinfall.

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