AEW Dynamite 4/14/21 Results: Dax Harwood vs. Chris Jericho with Mike Tyson, Young Bucks, plus more

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The show begins with The Young Bucks doing a promo saying why they did what they did to Jon Moxley. "They said they did it for family," and Matt Jackson says, "They want to show a newer and better version of ourselves."

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AEW Commentator Jim Ross begins the show by saying, "It's Wednesday, and you know what that means." Ross says, "They are coming to us live from Daily's Place, Home of the Jags." He then introduces his colleagues Tony Schiavone and Excalibur. They throw it to Mike Tyson for a promo, but he is immediately interrupted MJF; MJF tells him that his partners in The Pinnacle are a little upset with him, and Tyson replies and says he is upset with them also. MJF offers Tyson a blank check to think about it, and then Tyson rips it up and puts some of it in his mouth, then spits it right at him. They then go over the rest of tonight's upcoming matches.

AEW Tag-Team Championship Match
Death Triangle (Rey Fenix and PAC) vs. The Young Bucks (w/ Don Callis) (C)

Rey Fenix and Pac are out first and then followed by The Young Bucks with Don Callis. The match begins with PAC and Matt Jackson doing a tie-up with each man reversing each other's moves multiple times. Matt Jackson went to make a tag; he went to the "face corner" and realized he was in the wrong corner. Nick Jackson and Rey Fenix are tagged in. Fenix gets the upper hand at first, but it does not last long as Nick takes Fenix down with a lariat. The Young Bucks attempt to double-team Fenix, though it does not work as Fenix gets both The Young Bucks to the outside. PAC and Fenix take advantage, and both do dives onto their opponents to the outside.

PAC and Fenix both use a flurry of kicks and bring Matt Jackson down hard; they delivered at least six kicks each. The Young Bucks are now keeping Fenix away from his corner and double-team on Fenix. They go for the double hip toss on Fenix, but Fenix avoids it and takes both The Young Bucks out. PAC is tagged in, and right away, PAC hits Matt with a brainbuster. PAC then continues the beatdown and throws Matt right into the turnbuckles face first.

The fight goes to the outside; The Young Bucks each powerbomb PAC and Fenix onto the side of the ring. Nick Jackson is the legal man now; he delivers a knee strike right to the back of PAC's head; Nick then hits PAC with a kick straight to the middle of PAC's back. We go to the first picture-in-picture commercial with The Young Bucks in control. They maintain control of the match by not letting PAC get to his partner for the tag out. The Young Bucks are still delivering a series of different strikes at PAC. PAC clears the ring; PAC goes for the tag, but Matt Jackson pulls out Rey Fenix's leg, and PAC cannot make the tag.

Matt Jackson then starts showboating and having a little fun, and eventually, it backfires as PAC hits Matt with a huge lariat; PAC makes the hot tag, and he is off to the races as he clears the ring. Fenix hits the Double Cutter by springboarding off of the ropes. PAC hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Nick Jackson; he goes for the pin, but Nick kicks out at the last second. PAC hits Matt with a German suplex and pin combination, but Matt kicks out at the last second. Matt Jackson nails PAC with a Super Kick; Nick Jackson hits Fenix with the Canadian Destroyer after using the ropes as a springboard.

PAC and Matt Jackson are now in the ring exchanging multiple punches. Both men are on the apron and are taken down by their opponents. Fenix and Matt Jackson each hit the Stereo Poisonrana; PAC is tagged in and hits The Black Arrow; PAC goes for the pin, but Fenix is pushed into PAC by Nick Jackson. Nick Jackson hits PAC with a low blow. Nick then rips the mask off Rey Fenix, and then The Young Bucks hit a Double Superkick on PAC. This then allows The Young Bucks to get the pin and the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks (w/ Don Callis)

- They go to a promo with Alex Marvez and Adam Page with The Dark Order. Marvez asks him about his thoughts on what is going on with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. Adam Page ignores the question and leaves to get some drinks.

- They now head to another promo with Alex Marvez, who is with The Inner Circle, and Mike Tyson; Jericho says he called Jericho to clear things up. He said they had an issue over ten years ago when Tyson knocked him out on a Monday Night. Jericho says he wants to call it down right in the middle; Tyson says he will be firm but fair.

Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill

The match begins right away when Jade Cargill gets in the ring as Red Velvet attacks her. Velvet nails Cargill with a ton of strikes; Velvet hits the Top Rope Suicida on Cargill. Velvet goes for another move on the outside, but Cargill gets the upper hand when she throws Velvet over the barricade into the seats' front row. Jade then hits Velvet with a vertical suplex.

They go to a picture-in-picture commercial with Cargill controlling the match, getting multiple punches and kicks in on Red Velvet. They come back from commercial and Velvet kicks Cargill with a kick to the midsection of Cargill. Cargill goes for a move into the corner, but Velvet moves and Cargill goes shoulder-first into the post. Velvet hits Cargill with a facebuster; follows it up with a standing moonsault. Velvet goes to the top turnbuckle but misses her when diving at her. Cargill makes her pay by finishing it using the finisher Jaded; then she pins Velvet to get the big win.

Winner: Red Velvet

They go to a promo with Dr. Britt Baker with Rebel and Tony Schiavone; she says that she will be ranked number two when the rankings come out, and she is on the right track to face Shida.

Anthony Ogogo (w/ QT Marshall) vs. Cole Carter

Cole Carter gets in the face of Anthony Ogogo, and he gets pushed away, and then Carter goes right back at Ogogo, but Ogogo punches Carter with a heavy right punch into Carter's stomach. Carter is down, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Anthony Ogogo (w/ QT Marshall)

They go to a promo with Miro and says that he has been looking for Kip Sabian, and if he is smart, he will stay away from Miro. He is going to be a champion very soon.

Chris Jericho (w/ Sammy Guevara) vs. Dax Harwood (w/ Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard)
Mike Tyson as Special Enforcer

Mike Tyson is out first, followed by Dax Harwood and Chris Jericho out loud. The referee Aubrey Edwards sends Tully Blanchard to the back as only one man can stay out. Jericho and Dax Harwood start with a tie-up, but it goes to the outside right away. Jericho grabs a weapon and goes to hit Harwood, but Tyson takes it away; Dax now grabs a weapon, and Tyson takes him away from him. The action finally makes it back to the ring. Harwood and Jericho are exchanging multiple strikes on Jericho. Jericho then gets some heavy chops in on Harwood.

Harwood walks out of the ring to recover; Jericho goes after him, and Harwood hits Jericho with a microphone. Jericho then grabs the camera; Harwood sees him with the camera and then flips Jericho the bird; Jericho comes back with the big boot. The action goes back to the ring, with Dax sending Jericho into the corner shoulder-first into the post. They go to a picture-in-picture commercial with Dax Harwood controlling the match, but Jericho comes back with both men exchanging chops to each other's chest. Jericho heads to the top turnbuckle and hits Harwood with a double ax handle. Jericho then hits the Lionsault on Dax; Jericho goes for the pin, but Harwood kicks out.

Cash Wheeler was thinking about making the save but decided not to, and then he gets warned by Mike Tyson. Dax hits Jericho with a springboard powerbomb; he then goes to pin Jericho; however, Jericho kicks out. Dax Harwood is in the Lion Tamer; Cash Wheeler nails Jericho with a punch. Tyson walks toward Wheeler; however, Sammy Guevara comes out of nowhere and takes out Cash. The action is getting out of hand; The Pinnacle comes out to cause a distraction, but The Inner Circle comes out and starts battling with them. Cash Wheeler gets laid out by a punch from Mike Tyson. Harwood appears as if he will end it with a piledriver to Jericho; however, Guevara gets the attention of Harwood, which Jericho takes advantage of and hits the Judas Effect to get the win. After the match, Jericho announces that Mike Tyson will be an auxiliary member of The Inner Circle.

Winner: Chris Jericho (w/ Sammy Guevara)

Alex Marvez is interviewing Don Callis, but Callis takes the microphone; Callis says that The Young Bucks returned to the Omega and crew that this is not the end but just the beginning. Omega says that they are not doing what people want them to do; they will do whatever they want to do.

They come back from a commercial showing a promo of Thunder Rosa; Rosa says she wants the NWA title and the AEW Women's title.

Kris Statlander (w/ The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy) vs. Amber Nova

Kris Statlander and Amber Nova begin with a tie-up; Statlander controls the match by hitting two hip tosses, and then she delivers nose boop to Nova. Statlander then nails Nova with a strong slam; Nova tries to make a comeback, but she makes Statlander, and Statlander then picks up Nova and does a press slam and then delivers a huge knee strike to the face of Nova. Statlander hits the Supernova; then follows it up with the pin to get the victory.

Winner: Kris Statlander (w/ The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy)

Christian Cage comes out to get interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Cage says that it is a thrill to talk to Tony for an interview; Cage says he has an open contract but is interrupted by Taz. Taz asks why Christian never gave him an answer. Taz says he never liked him and that he never liked Christian, and he "never liked the guy that carried his ass for years either." Powerhouse Hobbs gets into the ring and begins attacking Christian and beating him down outside the ring. Powerhouse grabs Christian and slams his head into the steel steps.

They go back to Dasha, who is with Team Taz, for a promo to see what is going on with Christian Cage. Ricky Starks and Brian Cage are told to stay back and let Taz, Hook, and Powerhouse Hobbs recruit Christian Cage.

They announce that on next week's AEW Dynamite, Tay Conti will wrestle Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women's Championship. They also announce Christian Cage vs. Powerhouse Hobbs; Ricky Starks vs. Adam Page.

TNT Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs. Darby Allin (C)

Before the match begins, they show Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky watching from the seats. Matt Hardy grabs a chair to start the match. Hardy goes to strike Allin but misses, Allin goes to do a springboard, but Hardy stops him by hitting him right in the back with the chair. Hardy then continues the match by hitting Allin multiple times with the chair.

Hardy takes a seat with the chair in the middle of the ring and then gets back up and attacks Allin some more. Allin's back is busted open; Hardy hits Allin with a hanging backbreaker. Allin gets a punch in on Hardy; it, however, does not do anything to Hardy, and he continues his assault on Darby Allin. Allin goes for the Twist of Fate with the Allin in between the chair. Allin counters, and then he begins attacking with the chair; Allin is beating down Hardy, all of a sudden, The Butcher and The Blade and Private Party begin attacking Allin.

The Dark Order is now out to make the save, and Sting also comes out to help, and he takes out Private Party. They go to a picture-in-picture with Allin in control of the match until Hardy counters a suplex and throws Allin onto a metal trash can. The Dark Order is battling it out with The Butcher and The Blade; Sting is working on Isiah Kassidy and beating him down.

They come back from a commercial; they come back with Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page attempting to sneak in and attack Sting, but Lance Archer cuts them off. Lance Archer says something to Sting; however, he then runs over and attacks Isiah Kennedy. Sting throws his bat to Darby Allin; however, he cannot do anything as Hardy hits Allin with a low blow. Hardy hits Allin with a Twist of Fate with the chair, and he hits it. Hardy goes for the pin, but Allin kicks out; Hardy is mad, grabs Allin, and begins fighting backstage. Hardy throws Allin onto a table; Hardy then does a leg drop on top of Allin and goes through a table. Hardy goes for the pin, but Allin kicks out, and the match continues.

The action goes back to the outside, and Allin hits Hardy with a low blow; Allin now has the bat, and he begins hitting Hardy multiple times with the bat. Hardy then is put on the announcer's table; Allin goes behind the announcer's table, climbs up this small tower about 20 feet away, goes for the Coffin Drop, and hits it. He then pins Matt Hardy to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Darby Allin

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