AEW Power Rankings - Week 42: Trent Grounded, Matt Hardy Exiled, Darby's Soft Pin

*These rankings are a satirical take on pro sports power rankings and treat AEW as such. Any reference to sources or reports should not be taken seriously. Quotes are not real.

The big topic backstage at AEW Dynamite was the launch of the Unrivaled series in Walmart and AEW Heels. The mood was uplifted as the company believes they are making real strides outside of what is seen in the ring. AEW officials know how important it is to have good morale because they want the best matches possible and they don't want guys who are going to mail it in. 

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AEW Power Rankings - Week 42

1. Jon Moxley
Moxley knew what to expect in this match due to his training sessions with Darby. He said as much in his pre-match promo. He knew he would have to kill Darby to get him to stay down and wasn't going to take it easy on him just because they are friends. Moxley suspected MJF would try and pull a fast one him, and he was correct, but is thankful he survived. Moxley knows he'll be seeing Darby at some point in the future in the ring, but until then, the two will continue to engage in healthy training sessions. 

2. The Dark Order
Brodie Lee promised to take matters into his own hands and that's exactly what he did in the 12-man tag. He knows what his followers are saying and he has not responded because it's all part of his master plan. He's a leader by example and those who don't get results, will be finished. Lee went out and got himself results on Wednesday when he pinned Hangman Page in the multi-man match.

3. Cody & Matt Cardona
Cardona could not contain his excitement following the victory. Almost to the point of over-excitement for Cody, who viewed this as just another match. Cardona had been waiting months to get back in the ring after his WWE release and let it all out on Wednesday. Cody was said to be less enthused because not only does he have bigger things to worry about, but he also knows why Cardona is around. Arn Anderson and Brandi are losing his ear after The Elite previously lost him. They want Cardona to pull him. Cody knows this and is proceeding with caution. One thing that does excite Cody is his match next week against Scorpio Sky. He's calling Sky "the biggest threat to his title." 

4. Best Friends
Best Friends were happy to pick up the victory, re-establishing themselves as one of the top tag teams in the division. Chuckie T and Trent still believe they can be AEW Tag Team Champions, but understand they have to work their way back up to a title shot after losing at Fyter Fest. When I asked Chuckie about the rebuilding session, he told me, "Trust the process." Trent did not comment on anything as he was grounded for allowing his mom's minivan to be destroyed. Though Chuckie said he would watch after the minivan, Sue ultimately blamed her son for not taking more responsibility. 

5. Big Swole
Swole was happy for the warm-up match as she prepares for Britt Baker at All Out. 

6. Sammy Guevara
Guevara has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with Matt Hardy. Some believe Sammy took his attacks too far, but Sammy grew frustrated with how often Hardy tried to check in on him during his suspension, accusing him of stalking and not allowing him to focus on himself.

7. Chris Jericho
Jericho is feeling supremely confident, but as I've continue to report, things are not well in the Inner Circle camp. Santana & Ortiz are going into business for themselves and Guevara, while he felt supported by Jericho during his suspension, hasn't felt that support over the last week. Jericho has become obsessed with Orange Cassidy and that's blinded what's happening in his group. 

8. Orange Cassidy
All Jericho did with his post-debate attack was further anger Orange, who is already pissed off for the first time in his career. Orange's goal in the debate was to embarrass Jericho on an intellectual level, which is why he avoided the wrestling questions until the end. He plans on embarrassing Jericho with wrestling next week. 

9. Matt Hardy
Hardy wanted the best for Guevara and, as mentioned, would routinely check in on him during the suspension. Hardy thought he was being a friend and potential mentor, but he could not read Sammy's mind. Sammy never told him to stop, but he gave so many signs. Hardy trying to help someone is a film he's seen before and he once again didn't like the ending. 

10. Darby Allin
Those close to Darby will tell you that he didn't want to win the title with any help, which could explain his sitting cover following the Coffin Drop. Darby made the rookie mistake of not getting his weight on Moxley's shoulders, subconsciously revealing that he didn't want to win that way. Darby has a lot of respect for Moxley and wanted to beat him man-to-man. He hopes he'll have that opportunity in the future and also hopes things will get a little more wild between the two down the line. "Our training sessions were a lot tougher than that," he said. 

11. The Elite & FTR
The injury to Dax Harwood hurt things for The Elite & FTR, but the overconfidence and dissension between the two teams was also evident. FTR weren't thrilled with the gameplan, believing it would have been smarter to slow the match down. Of course, The Elite (Omega & the Young Bucks) wanted to run their typical run-and-gun offense. Both tried to work their respective gameplans, which led to things falling apart for the team. In the end, the person who suffered was Hangman Page, who really didn't care which gameplay the group ran as long as it led to a victory. But because he was trying to be on the same page as both sides and spent time studying both playbooks instead of one, it became overwhelming for him. "The drinking didn't help," Hangman told me. 

12. John Silver & Alex Reynolds 
Brodie was hoping that Silver and Reynolds would be inspired by the Dark Order victory earlier in the night, but it didn't happen. Brodie was not happy with their loos and Cardona and Cody and has privately punished them for failing to continue the momentum they had set earlier in the night. 

13. Proud N Powerful
Chalk up another loss and a lot of soul searching for Santana & Ortiz. They were not pleased following Wednesday and I have it on good authority that they trashed the backstage area, knocking over trash cans and vending machines along with breaking doors and putting holes in the wall. They have been fined for their actions regarding the backstage area and what they did to the minivan, but this really speaks to their frustration level. They are tired of losing and want to correct what's been happening, though they aren't sure if that's going to happen under the guidance of Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle. 

14. Reba
Reba has been put on a friendship timeout. 

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