AEW Rampage Results & Live Coverage (10/15/21): Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki, CM Punk In Action & More!

Welcome to's live coverage & discussion for AEW Rampage. We'll be bringing you full, fight-by-fight coverage of every match on the card.

Ahead of the tonight's episode of Rampage, we'll be treated to a one-hour special 'Buy In', which you can watch in its entirety, in the player above right here at Fightful!

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AEW Buy-In Special

  • Excalibur, Taz and FTW Champion Ricky Starks welcome us to the Buy-In. The trio runs down the evening's card and we're about to get right into the action.

Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay) vs. Santana Garrett

  • The bell rings and this one is officially underway. The pair lock up in a test-of-strength, Garrett rolls out, just misses a high-kick and gets tripped up by Conti, but Garrett's able to recover and toss Conti the mat, where she locks in a calf-slicer. Conti's able to power out and drills Garrett with a kick to a knelt down Garrett, goes for the cover but Garrett lifts the shoulder after a two-count from referee Aubrey Edwards. Garrett reverses momentum with a heavy forearm that lands flush on Conti, follows it up with a solid suplex, goes for the cover but Conti doesn't let Edwards even count one before she rolls out of danger. Back to the feet, Conti misses a clothesline, bounces back off the ropes and both women were thinking the same and take each other out with a cross body. Garrett stymies Conti's momentum with a kick to the body but Conti drills Garrett with a kick of her own before tossing Garrett into the corner and nailing her with four straight kicks to a cornered Garrett, follows it up with her patented 'DD-Tay' finisher and gets the three for the victory.

Winner - Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay)

  • We then see a video package promoting the upcoming six-man tag-team match that we'll be seeing later on tonight between the Inner Circle's Chris Jericho, Jake Hager & Sammy Guevara against the Men of the Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) & Junior Dos Santos (w/ Dan Lambert & Jorge Masvidal).

Bobby Fish vs. Lee Moriarty

  • A bit of a dream match is on deck between these two technicians. The crowd is hot for the newly-signed Bobby Fish as the bell sounds and this one is underway. The pair engage in a very slick grappling exchange before Fish breaks it up with a kick to the midsection but Moriarty smartly ankle picks Fish to trip him to the mat, however, Fish is able to lock up Moriarty's left leg. Moriarty again slips out of danger and locks up Fish's left arm but Fish breaks up the hold with a forearm that finds it's home on the bridge of Moriarty's nose. Moriarty tosses Fish against the ropes, lands a perfectly timed cross-body, goes for the cover but Fish lifts the shoulder before referee Rick Knox can make it to a three-count. Fish is able to change the momentum up with a seated senton, goes for a cover of his own, but also can't get past two. Back in the center of the ring, Fish and Moriarty trade heavy shots, Fish latches onto Moriarty's left leg but gets kicked in the face, eats a drop kick from Moriarty and then a jumping double stomp from Moriarty forces him to go for a cover but Fish is able to just escape at two and-a-half. Fish drills Moriarty with an elbow and a back suplex, goes for a cover but Moriarty is able to stay alive for the time being by kicking out at two. Moriarty surprises Fish with a back kick to the shoulder, follows it up with a suplex of his own, goes for the cover but Fish is able to again kick out at two. Fish hits Moriarty out of nowhere with a leaping knee to the face, goes for the pin but Moriarty kicks out at 2. Fish wastes no time and goes right in and lands an absolutely punishing exploder into the ropes onto Moriarty and follows it up with a devastating kick to a downed Moriarty's face to secure the three-count and the victory.

Winner - Bobby Fish

  • A video package is shown previewing our main event of tonight's Buy-In between Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki...which starts NOW.

Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki

  • The crowd is BUZZING for this one and it appears as if everyone has gotten their Kaze Ni Nare and Yes! chants out of their systems and this one is finally officially underway as the crowd continues to pour in the 'Holy S***', 'AEW' and 'This is awesome!' chants. The pair lock up in the center of the ring before Danielson secures a hip toss and tries to lock up the neck but Suzuki spins out of danger and locks up Danielson in a Half-Nelson before tossing him aside but keeping control with a snap-mare. Danielson nearly ends it by locking up a knee-bar out of nowhere but Suzuki rolls to the ropes to force referee Bryce Remsburg to break the hold. Danielson goes for a dragon-screw but Suzuki pulls back control before Danielson is able to break the hands and get back to his feet. Both men stare each other down in the middle of the ring before agreeing to trade forearms. Suzuki lands a forearm to the chest of Danielson, who decides to go for a roundhouse kick to Suzuki's, who fires back with an open palm slap to Danielson's chest, who responds with another kick but then Suzuki drops Danielson with an elbow to the jaw. Danielson's opened up a bit on the cheek after the shot from Suzuki but Danielson unloads with a handful of 'Yes!' kicks which drops Suzuki. Danielson teases the cattle mutilation but Suzuki rolls out of the ring to regroup. Now on the outside, Suzuki drops Danielson with a straight right and continues the onslaught with a bevy of strikes. Suzuki tosses Danielson back into the ring to beat Remsburg's 10-count and immediately locks in a hammer-lock/wrist lock combination which causes Danielson to scream out in pain but the latter is able to roll to the ropes to force a break. Suzuki chases Danielson to the outside and goes for an Irish-whip but Danielson reverses momentum and tosses Suzuki head-first into the ring post before he drills Suzuki with a flying knee and gets him back into the ring. Suzuki sits up and begs Danielson to kick him in the chest, to which Danielson obliges but it's just powering Suzuki up. Danielson then grabs Suzuki's arm and lays into Suzuki with a handful of face stomps then transitions into the cattle mutilation but Suzuki is up to the task and rolls it into a pin attempt, which Danielson is able to power out of after a count of two. Danielson tosses Suzuki into the corner, hits his patented flying knee then unloads forearm before getting himself tosses into the corner and drilled in the back of the head with a knee from Suzuki. Danielson sits right back up but gets sent right back down with another knee by Suzuki. Danielson again sits back up but is yet again flattened by a kick to the body from Suzuki, who goes for the cover but Danielson kicks out at two. Both men, clearly feeling the affects of this heavy-hitting affair, trade forearms in the middle of the ring, which Suzuki gets the better of, locks-in a Fujiwara arm-bar, but Danielson rolls out of the hold and locks in the Labelle lock out of nowhere after Suzuki was distracted arguing with referee Remsburg. Danielson can't quite get the choke secured under the neck of Suzuki, who ends up rolling into the ropes forcing a break. Both men stagger back to the feet and again, agree to trade shots in the center of the ring. Suzuki talks back after every one of Danielson's forearms then fires back with one of his own that drops Danielson, but the American Dragon gets right back to his feet and the pair throw absolute hammers at each other until they both drop after devastating blows. The crowd is on FIRE for this one as Taz says anyone who is watching cable rather than watching this on YouTube, is a dumbass. Back to the action as both men scream to the crowd to get louder as they continue to just blast each other with strikes as the crowd goes ballistic. Suzuki bounces off the ropes, spins behind Danielson, goes for the sleeper, Danielson escapes, Suzuki locks him up again, Danielson again is able to escape then bounces off the ropes and absolutely drills Suzuki with a flying knee, goes for the cover and gets the win in an absolute slugfest.

Winner - Bryan Danielson

  • We then get a video package hyping up the rest of tonight's action, which will switch over from YouTube to TNT at the top of the hour as commentary announces that CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal will kick-off the action!

AEW Rampage

After a thrilling one-hour Buy-In special, it's time for AEW Rampage! CM Punk's music hits as the show goes on-the-air and it appears as if we're getting right into the action!

CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal

  • The show's opener gets underway and Sydal drags Punk down to one knee, locks up a wrist lock but quickly gets tossed aside by Punk. Sydal gets Punk down with three straight hip tosses, goes for a quick cover but Punk's able to kick-out at one. Punk quickly rolls Sydal up for a cover, but Sydal also kicks out after a count of one by senior referee Paul Turner. After a brief back-and-forth, Punk gains control with slam, plays up to the crowd for a quick second before going back on the attack with another slam but Sydal rolls out and counters Punk with a sliding kick that lands flush on jaw of Punk. Sydal continues the offense with a neck crank while also having Punk's legs locked up in a a very creative combination. Punk rolls out and nails Sydal with a drop-kick, goes for the cover but Sydal kicks-out at two. Punk lands yet another drop-kick but Sydal gets one over on Punk with a spinning kick of his own and follows it up with a sliding knee strike to a downed and cornered CM Punk. Sydal brings Punk back to his feet but Punk latches on and slams Sydal on the ring apron and Punk starts chirping to the crowd before tossing Sydal back into the ring where he lands a floating senton over the top rope, goes for a cover but Sydal stays alive for the time-being after kicking out at two. Punk goes for a sliding kick on a cornered Sydal but the latter rolls out of the way, grabs Punk and both men are now on the top turnbuckle but both immediately spill to the outside after nailing each other with forearms. Sydal and Punk are both able to drag themselves back into the ring to avoid the 10-count, Sydal drills Punk with a spinning kick, goes for the cover but Punk kicks out at two and-a-half. Punk counters Sydal with neck-breaker, goes for the cover but can't get the three. Punk goes to the top rope but is met by Sydal who tosses him aside, goes for a cover of his own but Punk keeps the match going by getting a shoulder up at two. Sydal locks up a calf cruncher, Punk reverses it into the anaconda vise but Sydal rolls to the ropes to avoid danger. A chain of reversals ends with Sydal landing a spinning kick and a small package, goes for the cover but Punk is able to kick out at two, much to the chagrin of Sydal. Punk catches Sydal after a top rope dive and hits the GTS flush and gets the 1-2-3 for the win.

Winner - CM Punk

  • After a commercial break, we cut backstage where the Dark Order challenges the Young Bucks before we head back to the ring where Ruby Soho is making her way to the ring and our next match is set to get underway.

Ruby Soho vs. The Bunny

  • Soho immediately pushes Bunny into the corner before Bunny slaps her hands away but Soho downs Bunny with a pair of slick arm drags and follows it up with a running knee-strike, goes for the pin but Bunny kicks-out at one. Bunny tosses Soho aside and lands a running knee of her own and tosses Soho face-first into the turnbuckle and hits a front drop-kick onto Soho's back, goes for the cover but Soho kicks-out at 2. Soho tosses Bunny aside with an arm-drag, goes to the top-rope but Bunny knocks her off her perch and lands a sliding kick into a cornered Soho as we head to a break. Back from the break and both women are down on the outside but Soho tosses Bunny back into the ring and lays into her with a bevy of forearm strikes and a back elbow before driving Bunny's face into the turnbuckle. Soho drives into Bunny with a running knee and follows it up with a back-drop suplex as well as a running knee to the back of the head, goes for the cover but Bunny kicks-out at two. Soho hits another back elbow but Bunny hits a kick to the face of Soho who's stuck on the top rope. Bunny runs over to Soho and lands a German suplex off the top rope, goes for a cover but Soho kicks out at two. Soho drags down Bunny, rolls her up for a pin and gets the three for the win.

Winner - Ruby Soho

  • After the match, Penelope Ford attacks Soho from behind and tosses her back into the ring where she and Bunny continue the attack before Ford lays Soho out with a pair of brass knuckles.
  • Commentary then runs down tomorrow night's special Saturday edition of AEW Dynamite where Dante Martin will face Malakai Black, Jon Moxley takes on Wheeler Yuta, Kiera Hogan faces Penelope Ford, the Lucha Bros defend the AEW and AAA World Tag-Team Championships against a masked tag-team of Andrade El Idolo's choosing and we find out the bracket for the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament. It's then announced that the Inner Circle will take on the Men of The Year and Junior Dos Santos after the break!
  • Before the match, Dan Lambert grabs a mic and cuts a heel promo on the Miami crowd and complains about them singing Jericho's entrance music.

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara) vs. Men of The Year (Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page) and Junior Dos Santos (w/ Jorge Masvidal & Dan Lambert)

  • Scorpio Sky and TNT Champion Sammy Guevara starts this six-man tag-team match out. Some blistering offense from both men start this one off and the crowd is VERY into this one, particularly eith Guevara. JDS wants the tag from Sky and gets it, Jericho wants in and Guevara obliges. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion begins to fire off some heavy shots that immediately drops Jericho, who's saved by fellow professional MMA fighter, Jake Hager, who then tags-in. JDS begins to unload on Hager as well but Hager scoop-slams him to the mat and unloads some ground-and-pound but JDS powers to his feet and drops Hager with a right hook before tagging in Sky. Hager quickly counters Sky and tags in Jericho. Jericho drops Sky and goes to the outside to confront Masvidal and Lambert. Page tags-in and surprises a distracted Jericho on the outside before tossing him back into the ring as we head to picture-in-picture. Page continues the assault on Jericho before tagging Sky back-in. Sky hits Jericho with a pair of kicks to the body and tags JDS in, who drops Jericho with some body shots before tagging back Sky back-in as the make-shift team is showing some solid teamwork with the quick tags. Sky also makes a quick tag and gets Page right back into the mix but Jericho counters and teased the Walls of Jericho but Page powers out and escapes any danger for the time-being. Page plays up to the crowd but pays for it and Jericho gets control but not for long as Page trips him up and tags in Sky, who gets Jericho to the top rope. Jericho head-butts Sky off the top and lands a flying cross-body, goes for the cover but Sky kicks-out at two. Sky sneaks-in a tag to JDS, who slams Jericho, goes for the cover but Jericho again keeps his team alive by lifting the shoulder at two. The camera pans to fellow American Top Team members Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford, who are seated at ringside. Back in the ring, Guevara wants the hot-tag and gets it. Guevara takes everyone out and lands a standing splash on Sky, who tagged himself in, Guevara goes for the cover but Sky kicks out at two. Guevara lands another splash on Sky, goes for another cover but Page breaks up the pin. On the outside, JDS has Hager lifted but Hager slips out and puts JDS through a table with a urinagi. Jericho and Sky end up as the legal men back in the ring, Sky goes for the TKO but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. Paige VanZant distracts referee Aubrey Edwards by jumping the guardrail and Jorge Masvidal knocks Jericho out cold with a flying knee, Sky goes for the cover and gets the three-count for the win.

Winners - Men of The Year (Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page) and Junior Dos Santos

  • After the match, Sky, Page, JDS, Masvidal, Vanderford, VanZant and Lambert rush the ring and continue the beat down of Jericho. VanZant is recording the the attack, Sky's posing for pictures and Page is playing up the crowd but Santana and Ortiz come down to make the save while Hager and Guevara recover to clear the ring and the Inner Circle stands tall as the show goes off-the-air.
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