AEW Revolution 2021 - AEW World Championship - Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch Result

AEW World Championship Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match

Kenny Omega (c) vs Jon Moxley

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Kenny and Jon try to push each other's faces into the barbed wire before they exchange strikes until Kenny locks in and holds onto a side headlock. They both nearly go into the barbed wire before going toe to toe and brawling before Jon clotheslines Kenny over the top rope and onto the stage. Jon hits a side Russian leg sweep with a barbed wire bat onto the stage before hitting him with a kendo stick and Kenny gets back into the ring. Kenny throws powder in the eyes of Jon before throwing Jon into the barbed wire ropes that explode on contact before hitting him with a kendo stick. Kenny sends Jon into a trash can and locks in a Figure Four before Jon grabs a barbed wire chair and saws away at the legs of Kenny to get free. Kenny sends Jon through a barbed wire board in the corner before hitting a moonsault for two before hitting him with a kendo stick. Jon sends Kenny into the exploding barbed wire ropes several times before hitting a Saito suplex into one into a barbed wire board in the corner. They counter each other's finishers before Jon hits a side slam onto a chair covered in barbed wire before wrapping barbed wire around his arm. Jon turns Kenny inside out with a lariat before Kenny hits a snap dragon onto a trash can and a V-Trigger before Jon clotheslines him. Kenny sends Jon into the ropes before the referee checks on the eyes of Kenny and Jon and Kenny exchange on the apron. Jon hits a Paradigm Shift off of the apron and onto exploding barbed wire boards before Jon hits Kenny with barbed wire and follows up with a piledriver for two. Kenny hits a powerbomb for two before hitting a V-Trigger and a One Winged Angel that the exploding barbed wire ropes break up. The Good Brothers come out and get attacked by Jon with a bat before Kenny hits Jon with an exploding barbed wire bat for a near fall. Kenny then hits a One Winged Angel onto a chair for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega retains his AEW World Championship by defeating Jon Moxley via pinfall.

- After the match Kenny, Karl, and Doc attack Jon before handcuffing him and ripping his forehead open with a barbed wire bat as the timer reaches two minutes. The alarm sounds and the timer goes down under one minute before they leave Jon in the ring with thirty seconds to go before Eddie Kingston comes out to save Jon. Eddie then covers Jon as the ring explodes in homage to the exploding ring match involving Atsushi Onita in his FMW promotion.

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