Bianca Carelli Says Her Dad, Santino Marella, Could Not Be More Supportive Of Her Wrestling Journey

Santino Marella's daughter is following in her father's footsteps and hoping to make a career out of professional wrestling.

Once upon a time, Santino Marella was one of the most prominent characters in WWE. Holding multiple championships and even becoming Miss WrestleMania, under the name Santina, Santino Marella represents an era where WWE went back to family-friendly entertainment.

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Now, his daughter, Bianca Carelli is looking to follow in her Father's Footsteps and she tells Chris Van Vliet in a new interview that the former WWE Intercontinental Champion could not have been more supportive.

“He was actually really supportive. I think it’s because we have these similar personalities. Basically, he figured that this was something that worked well for him and he loved it. He felt like I would love this as well because he really enjoyed it and wanted me to have the chance to experience it too. He knows how I can feed off a crowd and make people laugh. Also, he knew it would make me happy,” she said.

She later added, “I tend to overthink things too much. His thing is more: ‘don't think about it, just do it. ‘I tend to be more: ‘how do I do this thing if I don’t know how?’ I had to get over that. Now I just do that, if I mess up I do it again until I get it right. The same thing carries over into life. If I get knocked down 9 times I get up 10. Failures lead to successes.”

She added that she's hoping to make a career as a wrestler in Florida and that one day, she is hoping to main event WrestleMania, something that her father never even accomplished.

“I want to be in Florida wrestling as a career. It would be nice to be with one of the major companies. I also want to do something that advocates for the environment, which is a huge passion of mine. It was trendy for a while but people stopped caring. I really want to work with children and inspire children. Of course, I want to main event WrestleMania but I think every wrestler would say that.”

On a funnier note, she does have a memory of when she saw her father's alter-ego, Santina, for the first time.

“Honestly all I remember is I was having a sleepover when I was 9 or 10. I went into my dad’s room. I looked at the floor and there was pink Converse, fishnets, a giant pink skirt, and a corset. My friend goes ‘What is that?’ I go ‘Oh it’s my dad.’ My friend was very confused as to why my dad would have giant women’s clothing. It was cool to see his acting, I must say I think he played a great woman. Not a pretty woman though. I definitely was surprised at first, I was like what is he doing? But it was a great opportunity for him to show his diversity. My father really is a great entertainer.”

Thanks to Chris for sending the above quotes, You can check out the full interview embedded above.

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