Big E Jokes That He Couldn't Get Fired If He Tried

Big E's time off from wrestling hasn't led to a true absence from the wrestling world, fortunately for Twitter.

The colorful personality of the New Day member has shined through on social media since he's been sidelined with a knee injury shortly after WrestleMania. However, some of his tweets led one of his fans to be concerned about E's potential employment status. Big E isn't so concerned, though, as he joked on the platform this week.

Big E has only made one on-screen appearance on Smackdown Live since he tore his meniscus months ago, which would result in him being mysteriously attacked and removed from television again.

WWE hasn't been in the habit of releasing talent of late of their own accord lately, anyway. Though several Superstars have asked for their release, WWE has been offering big-money downside guarantees to talent over the last few months as well.

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