Big E's "Russian" Comment From Last Night's Lana Segment Mysteriously Edited Out Of YouTube Video

Welcome to another edition of 


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in which I examine why a very funny joke
was edited out of a WWE YouTube video
(probably by the Russians)

Looks like Big E has offended the WWE's editors yet again.

Back in December, after the New Day lost their tag titles, they cut a promo about how it's okay to lose, because as Kofi Kingston put it: "Ric Flair couldn't have become a 16-time champion without losing 15 times."

Big E, ever the jokester, added, "And that'll be Charlotte in a month."

Watch it here:

You might have noticed that that wasn't from the official WWE YouTube page. Because in the clip uploaded there, it was edited out.

Hmmm. Curious. Probably nothing though, right?


Last night on Raw, The New Day had a segment with Lana, Rusev and Jinder Mahal, where it was intimated that Lana had hacked into Kofi's iPad and stolen the blueprints for their ice cream machine. Xavier Woods expressed disbelief that she would be able to do such a thing, and Big E, with expert timing and flawless line delivery, said "You know she Russian, right?"

It got a huge, genuine laugh from the audience, because it was a truly funny line, and also because The Russians probably hacked into government files and most likely swayed the election to their liking.



Get it? It's funny because we're under the thumb of a foreign power.


Anyway, regardless of if you take things way too seriously, like I do, or if you're content to float along on a stream of blissful distraction, that joke was very funny in the moment.

Here it is, in gif form.

I wish I could show it to you in YouTube form, but sadly, it's been scrubbed from existence.

Go ahead and watch that video at the top of the page. WWE has edited the comment out, but curiously, they left both the set up and the crowd's laughter.


Is it possible that the Russians edited it out, so there was no evidence of their iPad to iPad hacking technology?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that the McMahons, who own the WWE, are good friends with President Donald Trump, and that President Donald Trump doesn't want to offend the Russians in any way, since they have video of him enjoying his favorite hobby: Water Sports?


Almost certainly not.

But maybe.

Like a 5% chance.

No, you're probably right. It's nothing. Just a coincidence.

It is weird though, right?

I mean, I could turn this thing into an episode of 


But that would just devolve into me spouting hare-brained, half-cocked theories about how the Russians have blackmail on Vince McMahon about that time he had an affair with Trish Stratus while his wife Linda was in a persistive vegetative state and oh wait, that was a storyline that Vince participated willingly in.


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