Billie Kay Joins WWE 2K Battlegrounds, Identity of Carmella's Sommelier Revealed | Fight-Size Update

Here is your Fight-Size Update for Saturday, December 12, 2020.

~ Thanks to popular demand, WWE 2K Battlegrounds announced this morning that Billie Kay has debuted in the game. The former Iiconics member teamed with Natalya yesterday in a losing effort that saw her get pinned by Ruby Riott.

Nick Gage Brings MDK To AEW, Jon Moxley Is Waiting Behind The Forbidden Door | Post-AEW Fight Size

~ On the latest episode of Grilling JR, the current AEW commentator spoke about Armageddon 2000 and Rikishi's fall from atop Hell in a Cell.

"I wasn’t overwhelmed with the stunt just because of stunts in general. Mick Foley going off the top of the cell in Pittsburgh in 1998 was not something that had been talked about for weeks that you were gonna do it. I had no idea what they were gonna do. It scared the shit out of me. But the bottom line is, you just didn’t envision somebody doing that. You just didn’t. It had such an impact when Foley hit that table. It was spontaneous. This seemed to be more contrived, and that took away some of the effect it had on me as an announcer and wrestling fan. So, I wasn’t crazy about the stunt.

It kind of made sense considering he was the assailant in the car crash. You just connect the dot storyline-wise there. Plus, he was a huge man that’s gonna look mighty impressive going from the top to that flat-bed trailer. So, I think that was that connection. The assailant connection was pretty viable in the fact that his size was gonna make that bump a little more spectacular, or at least that was the intent.”

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~ Paul Heyman tells Big E that The New Day will be but a footnote in his legacy and draws comparisons to Roman Reigns and The Shield on Talking Smack.

~ Carmella's new associate, as seen last night on Smackdown, is Akeem Young. The former Cirque De Soliel performer has been with WWE for almost a year after having joined the company in January of 2020. He was last seen in early November, but was reported as having suffering a hyper-extended arm via Timothy Thatcher during a "Thatch as Thatch Can” schooling.

~ This weeks edition of Talking Smack is now available to watch on the free version of the WWE Network.

~ Yesterday it was reported that WWE was looking to "refine" the in-ring ability of some of their talent.

Hurricane Helms shared his thoughts on the matter via Twitter, where he said the following:

"Players that make it to the NBA, NFL, NHL etc. don’t stop practicing and drilling just because they made it to the “top.” Being signed to a major promotion doesn’t mean stop trying to perfect your craft. That’s when you work even harder to perfect your craft!"

~ Renee Paquette shared on Twitter that whoever is trying to hack her Dropbox account isn't going to get anything more than some old NXT notes and her demo reel.

She also joked with current NXT announcer Stu Bennett that she always stole Tom Phillips' notes.

~ Stephanie McMahon joined volunteers from the WWE Community and Make-A-Wish Connecticut to bring some socially-distanced cheer to kids and their families this holiday season.

~ "El Toro Blanco" RUSH returns to defend his ROH World Championship next week. Get ready for the event by streaming this playlist of his greatest ROH matches all weekend long! Fightful will have coverage of Ring of Honor’s Final Battle on Friday, December 18, 2020.

~ Tuesday on NWA Shockwave, Aron Stevens puts the NWA National Title on the line against Trevor Murdoch in what the promotion is dubbing "a long overdue rematch."

~ New indie wrestling content is now available on the WWE Network, including:

  • The Best of Grizzled Young Veterans in Progress
  • wXw Germany Catch Grand Prix - Week 4
  • ICW Fight Club 149
  • EVOLVE 138

~ A new WWE Untold drops tomorrow. The episode will focus on the iconic winning streak that kicked off Goldberg's WCW career.

They also shared their top 5 victories from the aforementioned "streak."

~ Mansoor shared his thoughts on The Undertaker.

"When I was a kid, my favourite wrestler was The Undertaker. Hands down the most amazing wrestler I've ever seen. I think overall my favourite wrestler is The Undertaker, and you know he just retired so it was a very emotional moment for me because my entire life there has been an Undertaker. From the moment I was born, there was an Undertaker. His career has been longer than my entire life. He's such a larger than life presence. I have so many memories of being a kid and watching the moments that he ... like there was this Survivor Series where Randy Orton was in the ring and he had just won a match and they drag in a coffin, and lightning hits the coffin and it gets set on fire. Then The Undertaker just kicks down the door and everyone goes [immitates crowd reacting excitedly]. There is nothing else in the world you can get the exact same feeling as watching a man kick the door of a coffin down that's set on fire by a lightning bolt. That's why WWE is amazing and that's why I wanted to be apart of it."

~ The NXT Championship match at New Year's Evil will have its challenger decided this Wednesday when Kyle O'Reilly faces off against Pete Dunne.

It was also announced that Karrion Kross would return to action and that Rhea Ripley would square off against Toni Storm.

~ Cody Rhodes responded to one fans criticism of his upcoming match with Angelico by pointing out that Dynamite is indeed a wrestling show, and that the TH2 member is a great wrestler.

~ Lio Rush looked back on an eventful 8 months that started off very differently than how it's ending.

~ WWE has released a new Top 10, which takes a look at the most noteworthy moments from this week's Friday Night SmackDown.

~ Things continue to happen for Beer City Bruiser outside of the ring. Not only will he be appearing in Virtual Basements upcoming The Wrestling Code video game, but he has now lent his image to Mad Cat Beard Care for a new line of root beer float scented products.

~ Cody Rhodes replied to a Tweet about 2016 IMPACT being a "wild time" by saying the following:

"I was genuinely only there 2 days as a favor to Josh M and to help my Wife get started. Nice lil’ experience.

The team Canada guy gave away my parking spot to ADR. I then committed to ROH, Bucks and I did All In...and the rest is history.

My pettiness has led to greatness ha."

~ On the newest episode of his Confessions of the Hitman podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart commented on winning the King of the Ring tournament in 1993, proving he could have three great matches back-to-back-to-back, and getting a day off after the tournament.

“After that match [versus Bigelow], I remember after I won that match, they gave me the day off the next day. I remember I could hardly get out of bed. That was the only time, to my memory, that they said, ‘You worked so hard last night you can take today off.’ And I accepted that. I was like, ‘Thank you. I will take the day off and I’ll enjoy every bit of it!’”

Transcription courtesy Wrestling Inc.

~ The newest Shot of Brandi was quickly derailed when an interrupting Lance Archer threw Fuego Del Sol and his "Deep Blue Sea" drink off camera. The Murderhawk Monster was disgusted by the fruity drink and claims that the only thing worth drinking is whiskey, straight. A stunned Brandi could do nothing but watch as the AEW Superstar chugged Jim Beam and ate two plates worth of peanut butter and tuna. Watch it below, via All Elite Wrestling's YouTube channel.

~ Brandi Rhodes shared a photo of herself with the newest member of the Nightmare Family.

~ The Bouncers talk legacy, getting serious, and going after the ROH Tag Team Championship.

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