BLK Jeez Is Open To Doing Agent Work For NWA; Reflects On Ruckus Going Into Indie Hall Of Fame

BLK Jeez wants to agent in the NWA.

BLK Jeez is one of the unsung heroes of the post-Monday Night War era independents. A five-time CZW Tag Team Titleholder.

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BLK Jeez’s former tag team partner, Ruckus, will be inducted into the first-ever Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame. Speaking about his former partner’s induction with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling, Jeez spoke about how happy he is for his friend to be recognized for his contributions.

“Yeah definitely, it’s well-deserved, man [Ruckus going into the Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame]. Ruckus is an innovator man. A lot of the guys that have the popular style now, Ruckus is the father of that, and also, even back then, when other guys were getting more recognition than Ruckus, a lot of these guys, they were only good in-ring. Ruckus, not only was he good in the ring, he was a character, you know what I’m saying? He held it all down, you know what I mean? So like, it’s really cool that he’s getting in that Hall of Fame man. He definitely deserves it, definitely. If it was up to me, Ruckus would be a millionaire right now if it was up to me.”

Currently, Jeez works with the national wrestling Alliance and he says, that he has now opened his mind to a potential career as an agent, citing Homicide’s time as an agent and the treatment he received while he was agent in as something that opened his mind to the possibility.

"Before, that was something I never wanted a part of [producing/agenting]. I never wanted to do anything behind the scenes. I just wanted to be a performer. But like, real sh*t, once Homicide became an agent and I see how he does things and how he’s treated as an agent, it opened my mind to in the future [about] wanting to be a coach, wanting to be a trainer, wanting to be an agent, you know what I’m saying? It’s an important job to have. It’s like, it’s very important. It’s like the guys who have a match, they have an idea of a match, the agent is the third set of eyes. I would love to do it in the future, definitely. With a lot of things happening right now, it’s opening my eyes to different things in wrestling and again, going back to how NWA is really big on being able to talk, when you’re a strong talker, that can lead to other things as well. That could lead to commentary, that could lead to, for example, take somebody like MVP, hell of talker. You remember when he had his own show on Raw, you know what I’m saying? That type of stuff bro so like, when you’re a strong talker, when you can put words together, when you can talk people into the building, however you wanna word it, that can lead to a lot so, I’m loving it bro, loving it [being with the NWA]."

You can check out the full interview with BLK Jeez here.

Learn more about the upcoming Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony at this link.

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