Booker T: WWE Staying In Saudi Arabia Is A "Business Decision" And Politics Should Not Be Involved

Booker T is all about the money.

Many wrestlers have shared their opinion on WWE's decision to remain in Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. The sentiment from those who have publicly spoken out is that the only way to change a company like Saudi Arabia, is to bring them a product like WWE.

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Booker T is more overt with his feelings on the matter. Speaking on his most recent Heated Conversations podcast, Booker said this is a business decision from WWE and politics don't matter.

"This is a business decision. When it's your business, you're going to think, 'What is right for my company right now? What is right for as us a business? This is money on the table. Should we take it or not?' This is not a political agenda or anything like that. Take that out of the equation and not look at this as a political equation," said Booker "If it was your company....let's not tell someone else what to do with their company. If it was your company, you can't answer that question unless you were in that position. If there was billions of dollars on the line and it's something that's gonna make my company grow and it's not hurting anyone....that's the way I look at it. From a business perspective only. I don't think you can bring politics into the fray when it comes to professional wrestling."

The financial gains of Crown Jewel won't be known until WWE releases their fourth quarter financials at the beginning of next year. WWE reported a $49 million increase in their "Other" category following the Greatest Royal Rumble. 

After discussing the "business decision" WWE made by remaining in Saudi Arabia, Booker also believed WWE's presence is necessary for Saudi Arabia to change.

"The WWE Universe is vast," he said. "The show is already being reported as being sold out. So we should punish the WWE fans for how the government treats other people? I don't see that. WWE doing this show is gonna bring about change. WWE is making more change than any government official that's talking and making noise. And what the hell was that journalist doing over there anyway after his controversial...."

Booker began laughing and saying he was just "trying to make light of the situation" before moving on.

The Saudi government has been linked to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Last Thursday, WWE decided to "uphold its contractual obligations" and keep Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 2.

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