Britt Baker Reveals How Dustin Rhodes, Cody, And Others Help The AEW Women's Division

The AEW women's division has endured a lot of criticisms over the first year on Dynamite, but Britt Baker loves the team behind the scenes.

While Kenny Omega is often cited as the man at the forefront of putting together the division, Baker revealed to Uproxx how other veterans help out the division behind the scenes.

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"Someone who’s extremely involved in the women’s division and training the women in the ring, is Dustin Rhodes. And you have to pinch yourself, to be like “I’m literally in the ring training, practicing moves and spots, with Dustin Rhodes,” it’s extremely surreal. And it’s awesome because he watches all of our matches and gives us feedback, and he has his own stuff to do! He’s on TV every week doing his own thing, which is kind of the pattern with everybody on Dynamite. Everybody has their own thing that they’re working on, but so many of these veterans and legends are still giving their time to help us younger, newer talent. That’s why we have such a great future with things moving forward," she said.

Baker continued, praising Chris Jericho, who was integral in helping her find her Role Model character that has flourished on TV.

"Chris Jericho is extremely influential with me specifically, because since my heel turn my character is a direct replica of Chris Jericho in WCW. And what better way to develop your character than with the person you got the idea from originally. Cut a promo on him, tell him your ideas, and he’s so amazing at making you see, in between the cracks, how to make something better."

Finally, Baker praised two of the co-EVPs in the company.

"Kenny Omega is in charge of the women’s division. He’s booking everything behind the scenes, he’s writing the stories, so we all—every female is going to cite Kenny Omega as helping them. Texting us when we’re not at work, helping us when we are at work. He’s extremely dedicated, and so passionate about women’s wrestling. And the last one I would say is Cody Rhodes. He’s extremely dedicated and really passionate about helping the younger talent rise, and I think he understands that his face and his name are on AEW, and he wants it to succeed more than anyone. Even when his time has come and gone, it will still be his legacy, and he’s really just so awesome about helping younger talent find who they are. Who’s your character, who are you, and how can we make you a star? There’s a lot that goes into that behind the scenes. And Cody just pours hours and hours of his time and dedication into helping us," she said.

Elsewhere during the interview, Baker addressed some of the criticisms of the women's division and asked fans to not change the channel if they want the division to thrive. You can find her full comments by clicking here.

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