Brock Lesnar And Chris Jericho Get Into Altercation After Summerslam

The main event of Sunday's Summerslam featured Brock Lesnar against Randy Orton. Lesnar dominated the entire match with Orton connecting with an RKO on the table and his spike DDT from the second rope.

The ending of the match occurred when the former WWE champion took off his gloves and landed a series of hard elbows and punches which opened up a huge gash on Orton and was bleeding heavily. Lesnar was declared the winner by TKO.

Orton required ten staples after the match.

Chris Jericho who wrestled in the opening match on the main card with Kevin Owens beating Enzo and Big Cass was watching the end of the match and to see if Orton was okay in the gorilla position. Multiple sources tell the Wrestling Observer, Jericho wanted to know what exactly happened. The leader of the band, Fozzy asked Michael Hayes as Lesnar was walking through the curtain what the finish was or if that was the finish. Hayes wouldn't answer him at which point Jericho said, "That's bullsh*t."

Lesnar thought he was talking about the match, and called Jericho a pu--y according to one version, or "shut up" according to another, and to mind his own business. The two got face-to-face and started exchanging words, with one version saying they were shouting at each other the whole time.

Lesnar pushed Jericho with his fingers, and Jericho did what was described as the "Rousey-Tate" forehead press. One version also had Jericho shoving Lesnar to the wall at one point.

Lesnar and Jericho got tangled up against the wall and Lesnar told Jericho to punch him or kiss him. Triple H jumped in quickly and broke it up. Moments later they went back at it and Vince McMahon broke it up. Jericho started yelling about Lesnar and McMahon told Jericho that it was all a work and to be professional.

Triple H reportedly told McMahon that Lesnar started it, and Jericho was just standing up for himself but there were more words exchanged.

Jericho saw Orton and got mad, which everyone noted was because he was concerned with Orton's health and safety. Orton reportedly assured him that he knew the way everything was coming.

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