Brooke Hogan Reveals That She Suffered A Concussion While Training At Bully Ray's Wrestling Academy

Brooke Hogan opens up about a number of topics.

While making the rounds doing promotional work for the upcoming season of the MTV series 'The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars'  which will be hosted by The Miz, Brooke Hogan joined Access Live and opened up about her father's attitude since the Gawker media debacle, talked leaving the door open to become a professional wrestler, and much more.

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Brooke stated that there is a chance that she will one day follow in her father's foot steps of becoming a pro wrestler.

"You know what, I’m considering it, I’m thinking about it. I have had training. Probably not enough but I actually own my own female league now… that I’m doing so… that’s a whole new [thing]", She continued, "I can’t really say much about it. I shouldn't [have] even brought it up. Its really cool, but yeah I think about it [wrestling]. Everybody wants me to wrestle Charlotte Flair so… who knows."

Hogan would add that she has given wrestling a chance when she attended former 9-time WWE Tag Team Champion Bully Ray's 'Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling' and she left her first day of workouts banged up and revealed that she even suffered a concussion.

"At Bully Ray, Bubba Dudley, I don’t know if you guys know who he is. He’s a big mean, mean guy. I went to his school in Orlando and I got a concussion. I got bruises all over my arms from taking the bumps and that was one day." She stated

Although Brooke is not "in the business", she respects what the men and women of the sport put their bodies through and she explained to the hosts of Access Live that although there is a bit of choreography that goes into wrestling, the pain that wrestlers put their bodies through on a daily basis is 100% real.

"There is acting, there is chorography, there is a flow to it, its like a dance. But the… there’s plywood underneath that mat. There's nothing stopping the injuries, and I mean you have to know how to hit right, but you’re still hitting."

Over the past number of months the talks regarding a possible return to WWE for Hulk Hogan has picked up. Recently, there were rumors swirling that Hulk Hogan was in the list of names being considered to become the new GM of SmackDown Live seeing as how the former GM Daniel Bryan is returning to the role of a full-time in-ring competitor. Brooke Hogan stated that she believes fans want Hogan back, and also provided a bit of insight into how the "Hulkster" has been [out of the eyes of the public] since the Gawker media case and how it has changed him.

"I think all of the fans want him to. I want him to and I know how he is when he gets a rush of adrenaline. He can… He can be that ‘Hulkamania’ Hulk Hogan so, who knows," she continued, "Well you know, people are always evolving, myself included. I mean, sometimes you do stuff you’re not proud of. A lot of times it happens behind closed doors and nobody ever finds out about it. He just happened to be in the unfortunate spot to have the world see a mistake of his and, you know, that’s not who he is though. Its like you have your bad days and your good days, and he’s a great Dad and he loves his fans and he’s a big people lover and he’s so fun to hang around so... I think his fans know that though."


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