CFO$ Talks Describes AJ Styles' Reaction To His Theme

CFO$ says AJ Styles loved his theme immediately. 

The theme songs for wrestlers like Bobby Roode, Sasha Banks, Enzo Amore and more have been created by the musical duo of CFO$. The two members of CFO$, Mike Lauri and John Alicastro recently appeared on The Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast in an interview about their work for WWE. At one point, Alicastro confirmed AJ Styles loved his theme titled "Phenomenal" which he has been using since his debut in WWE. 

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"He was all about that song. When he first heard that, it was one of those things where we had this song and it was like...done, that's it, perfect," said Alicastro.

Earlier this year, Styles commented in an interview that his song was a perfect fit. Styles said he was not sure if the song was specifically made for him. Alicastro and Lauri did not confirm if that was the case with Styles. But Alicastro explained that it is sometimes the case that songs are written without a wrestler in mind. 

"There's a lot of talent, we're always doing songs. Sometimes even if we don't have someone in particular that we are coming up a song for, we will be doing songs on our own," said Alicastro. "It will come up. It will be 'oh we need a song for so-and-so' and we'll be like 'oh we actually have something right here,'" he added. 

In the rest of the interview, CFO$ discussed their production and music processes for creating theme songs, their favorite themes in WWE, and working with wrestlers like Enzo Amore in the music studio. 

A video of the interview can be found below: 

The rest of the interview is available at Sam Roberts' YouTube channel. 

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