Chelsea Green Discusses How Her Goals Changed Since Signing With WWE

Chelsea Green has had her stop and starts in WWE, but she's not chalking it all up to bad luck or creative. Some of it is a product of WWE's talented roster.

Green spoke with Spencer Loves Wrestling about her struggles to stay on WWE TV.

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“I think that's tough, because it's kind of like - we have the most selection, don't we? We have the most selection. We have the best wrestlers from all over the world, so it would be crazy if we DIDN'T have the best roster! We could literally pluck anyone from any country and bring them to Florida and train them to be the best wrestler. We have all the resources. And so, if we weren't the best brand or the best division, wouldn't that be ridiculous? You know, like, we got the Performance Center!" Green said.

The luck she's experienced so far might lead many to get down in the dumps, but Green told Spencer that it motivates her to set more goals. She discussed how that has changed since she got signed by the company.

“Oh, gosh, it's not at all what I thought it would be. I thought kind of the end was getting to WWE. But that's just the beginning. My career is just getting started. There's just so much more to do and so many more goals I've set for myself now that I've started with WWE and NXT. I just think that there's so much to learn, and I'm constantly learning at WWE. It never ends, whether it's business sense, whether it's accounting, and money, whether it's how to cut a promo with Paul Heyman, or just, you know, cameras and crowds and things like that. There's so much to learn in wrestling, and WWE really provides that for you," said Green.

You can see the full interview at the top of the page, and check out Spencer Loves Wrestling at this link.

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