Cody: It Makes Perfect Sense For Washington D.C. To Host AEW On TNT Debut

After relatively strong ticket sales for shows in the Chicago and Florida market, Cody talks about why Washington D.C. was chosen to host AEW's first television taping.

In an interview with "106.7 The Fan" in Washington D.C., Cody said the idea of heading to the area came after a lot of market data was analyzed from people they've hired to work in that department. Although Cody, as well as Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega, operate as Executive Vice Presidents of AEW, he admits none of them are the best people to analyze that kind of data so they found experts that can do so.

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"We had a really strong presence in terms of, in this era, you're able to track a lot of data. And I know that might sound like, 'Whoa. That's the nerdiest answer ever.' But you're able to track a lot of data and see where, okay, where did the most views come from for BR Live and things of that nature? And when I say we've got these artists who are running this, and these inmates who are running the asylum, one of the best things that we've done – myself, Matt, Nick and Kenny – as EVPs with AEW, one of the best things we've done is said, 'Okay, we don't know how to do this, so let's hire somebody who does,'" Cody said.

To further elaborate on the people doing market research for AEW, Cody mentioned Rafael Morffi as someone who analyzes data and was able to show that Washington D.C. is a solid option for AEW's debut show on TNT on October 2. In addition, Cody does feel the city is a perfect place for the televised show on a more personal level.

"I'll give you an example. Rafael Morffi, who came from WWE and was there with me as our market rep, that's the individual who can look all across the board, and who can strategically place us in the best market and service every market that we possibly can, and reflect that data that's been reflected, and appease that, and all that math and all that science. We've built a really great team around us, and short answer, I'm a huge fan of American history. I'm the American frickin' nightmare. It makes perfect sense that we're in Washington, D.C., the nation's capital. So that's the short answer. The long answer is that we've got a lot of really wonderful professional people who said this is the spot you want to be for the first show," Cody said.

As for the first television show in D.C. in October, AEW's first official match on the show will see Cody face Sammy Guevara. The show will also feature the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega taking on Chris Jericho and two mystery partners as well as the crowning of the first AEW Women's World champion. The full interview can be read at this link.

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