Cody Rhodes Says He Wants To Buy Back WarGames From WWE, Talks Wanting To Think Of New Matches

With Cody Rhodes leading the way for AEW, he ponders the possibility of bringing back a match concept his father once thought of.

During a recent media call that Fightful participated in, Rhodes was asked about what type of new match concepts viewers of AEW can expect. Before he truly gave his answer, Rhodes did talk a little bit about the WarGames match his father Dusty created years ago. The match type was used in the NWA and later in WCW.

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But in recent years, NXT has used WarGames twice on TakeOver shows where the multi-man, multi-ring match served as the main event. Rhodes said he would love to get WarGames for AEW considering the history and that he doesn't feel NXT has truly captured the spirit of past WarGames.

"Well, you mention WarGames and I’m thinking to myself, I really just want to buy it back. I wonder if they would let me buy it back because Dusty thought of the match concept on a napkin in a parking lot. Arn Anderson was there, I got a witness. The one they do now isn’t truly loyal to the old school rules of it. Maybe I can get it back. The beauty of that is that WarGames came out of the experience of being around wrestling, seeing The Horsemen build up, seeing the good guys and their adversaries and all of a sudden, the light bulb went off. Hopefully, a match comes to us the same way," Rhodes said.

Rhodes then talked about the Casino Battle Royale and the idea behind it and said with The Young Bucks, Tony Khan and others, they will sure come up with something new.

"We started with the Casino Battle Royale, which was Nick Jackson’s idea of kind of doing a layered Royal Rumble. I think with the women’s one, which was far superior to the men’s one, I think we got the formula for that right. I would really hope that we could come up with some great matchups of our own and not steal from my dad, but come on. He wouldn’t be proud if I was yanking all of his ideas. I do have the Bunkhouse Stampede on lockdown if and when we need to, also the Battle Bowl if and when we need to. But I know among us, especially Tony Khan, who seems to be coming up with different match concepts every day, I know we can come up with something real original. Maybe we float that out. Float that out to WWE for me. See if I can buy back WarGames," Rhodes said.

You can listen to Cody's full thoughts on the matter and the full conference call in the video at the top of the page.

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