Corey Graves Ethered Tom Phillips On 205 Live In Front Of The Whole World

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Hey so remember that thing that happened with Tom Phillips back in February?

We didn't report on it, because we have a strict policy of "his dick is his business" here at Fightful. If there had been a suspension of Phillips for ... that thing that happened, we would have reported on it, because then it would have affected the on-screen product of WWE, but because the company chose to let it slide, so did we.

And now here we are, in the first few budding days of May and I find myself really wanting to give you guys full context for what this is all about, but there's that darn strict policy.

Let's just put it this way: While on an airplane (a "four hour flight," mind you) Phillips was DMing a lady on Instagram who wasn't his fiancee. He was very specific about what he'd like to do to this non-fiancee lady, and it involved both his pelvic region and her facial region. There would have been thrusting.

You know what? I've said too much.

Suffice it to say, the non-fiancee found out about the fiancee, and outed Phillips to the world.

That was months ago.


Last night on 205 Live, Phillips' longtime broadcast partner Corey Graves brought this whole sordid tale up on commentary in the greatest way possible, ETHERING Phillips forever.


Pictured: Tom Phillips.

Let's see that again from a different angle:

In lieu of flowers, Tom's family would like for you to make a donation in his name to Face F*ckers Anonymous.

You know what?

I've said too much.

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