D-Lo Brown Talks AJ Styles, Using Frog Splash As Finish, More

The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling Podcast recently interviewed D-Lo, and spoke to him on a variety of topics. You can hear the full podcast at this link, and check out submitted highlights transcribed by Chad and John below.

The DX parody of The Nation: 

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"We were in the back giving pointers and stuff to those guys but we didn't know the verbiage per say but I totally knew what he was going to look like and what he was going to do. People think that to this day we were mad that they were shooting on us and they were shooting on The Nation but we were a part of what they did and still to this day I tell people that it is one of the greatest points for my character and it really put heat on The Nation / DX rivalry."

Using the frog splash as his finisher:

"I took it from Eddie's (Guerrero) old partner Art Barr. Art Barr did it just like that (the way I do) and that was my way of doing something that as a kid and when I became a wrestler wanted to do because nobody my size was doing that coming off the top. I remember practicing it a few times and I wanted to pay respect to Eddie and it looked like Eddie's splash but it is an homage to Los Gringos Loco."

The rise of The Rock:

"Nobody could foresee him being this giant movie star but you could see he was on the rise and he got very comfortable and fit in the confines of The Nation. As a guy who traveled with him, I could see him practicing different promos and different tones of his voice and trying to refine himself over the course of the next few years and when he was given his opportunity to step out of The Nation and go out on his own he just took off like a rocket and nobody could see if you were back in 1998 compared to now that if someone told me that Rocky would be not only one of the kings of wrestling but the biggest guy in Hollywood right now, if I could have bet anything on it, I'd be worth a billion dollars right now."

Thoughts on AJ Styles from their interactions in TNA:

They said here is a kid that we feel we can build the company on him in a year and we need you to bring him up to speed. I loved it. AJ and I had some kick ass matches and if we were teaming or against each other AJ was like a sponge. After the match he'd pick my brain and we'd go out to dinner and talk psychology and talk about the business and not that I claim to have taught him everything but I feel like I had a small part in building the guy with the short hair to now being "The Phenomenal One" on TV every Tuesday night."

Was his RO&D faction in All Japan a precursor to the Bullet Club:

"The name makes no sense at all when translated to English but we were the Bullet Club before the Bullet Club. We were running rough-shot over their and were the Americans of me Bull Buchanan, Eddie Phatu (Umaga), Mike Awesome and Jerry Tuite (The Wall) were destroying the old guard of All Japan and it was so cool to be apart of. It went through different incarnations just like the Nation but really helped but All Japan back on the map."

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