Daily's Place To Still Host 3/18 AEW Dynamite, Despite City Twitter Confusion

AEW has their venue, in case there was any confusion.

All Elite Wrestling revealed last week that they'll be running AEW Dynamite from Daily's Place in Jacksonville this week, after their Rochester event was pulled.

However, this past weekend, the City of Jacksonville created confusion when responding to a tweet from Dave Hancock about the venue.

To add to the confusion, the City Twitter account never followed up. When Fightful Select asked AEW for clairity, we learned the show is still on.

Fightful has learned that AEW Dynamite will take place at Daily's Place in Jacksonville as originally planned. This past week, the City of Jacksonville twitter indicated that all city-owned venues would be closed, including Daily's Place. However, we've heard from the AEW side that the city's twitter account apparently thought a public event was being referred to.

AEW Dynamite will proceed at Daily's Place as a closed door event with no fans, and the city of Jacksonville has not had an issue with that.

After the tweet emerged this past weekend, Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer noted that the show would continue, and things were being worked out.

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