Damian Priest Says Right Now Sheamus Is Performing At The Highest Level He Ever Has

Damian Priest says he is currently getting the opportunity to test his mettle against the best version of Sheamus there's ever been.

Damian Priest has had a very successful first year on the Monday Night Raw roster. From teaming with a worldwide celebrity like Bad Bunny to capturing the WWE United States Championship at SummerSlam, Damian Priest is poised to become one of the top Monday Night Raw superstars for years to come.

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Speaking on the latest Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, Priest says he feels fortunate enough to work with Sheamus at this stage in his career where he feels “The Celtic Warrior” is the best he's ever been.

“The best part about this is, to me, this is the best version of Sheamus. So all the years and all the accolades and accomplishments and all the cool moments he's at. I think he's doing his best work right now and I get to prove myself against that guy. I think that makes it even more for me. So yes, it's it's a big deal, because it's Sheamus and everything that he's accomplished. But he's a bigger deal because of the work he's putting in now. It's not like he's regressed. He's, he's on he's way above. So it feels really good to test myself and him being the person for me to get this opportunity and become champion is experienced, but it's part of the biz, I guess.”

Furthermore, Priest touted not only Sheamus, but Bobby Lashley and even The Miz as main event talent that have all helped Priest elevate his game since he entered the locker room on Monday Night Raw.

“Oh, obviously, I've been fortunate with everybody that I've been working with lately. So, you know, there's things that I just pick up just watching him even when we're facing off and his cadence, his delivery, and his physicality, and just the way he carries himself. It's like, okay, I could pick apart little things and put them on me that pertained to me, and I try to do that with everybody, to be honest. But when you're working with a guy on his level, it's easy to take more, you know, because he's proven, you know, tested and successful. So there's a lot that I could take from him, and a lot of the guys in this company, obviously, but being that I'm working directly with, and it's definitely a plus for me, and I think it gets me to have these moments like, you know, when I'm interacting with guys like Bobby Lashley, and all these main eventers, it's because I get to work with guys like Sheamus and The Miz, you know, where they elevate me.”

Priest is once again scheduled to face Sheamus for the WWE United States Championship at extreme rules on Sunday, September 26.

You can check out the updated card for Extreme Rules at this link.

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