DDP Shares His Thoughts On Daniel Bryan's Return To In-Ring Competition, Talks AJ Styles' Use Of 'DDP Yoga', More

The fitness guru himself talks some wrestling.

WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page offers his 'DDP Yoga' workout program to not only current and former professional wrestlers but to those who want to improve their health in general. There are many current talents in the world of pro wrestling who use the program; one of them being the current WWE Champion AJ Styles. DDP shared that Styles does 'DDP Yoga' fives times a week and even at the age of 40 Styles looks the same as he did when he was twenty years younger according to DDP.

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"Well, I think one of your very own Drew McIntyre drove seven hours from Tampa, Florida up to Atlanta, Georgia to work out with me. You've seen what's happening with Jericho, he's 47 and still going strong." DDP stated in an interview with SportsKeeda. "AJ is 40 right now, it's all about the preventative maintenance he does. He's doing DDP Yoga five days a week and that's the kind of thing that's going to keep him in the ring. Who knows? He performs at such a high level, it'll be interesting to watch. All I know is, right now, he looks the same as he did at 24 - except for he's better."

Page was asked who would be his "dream opponent" from any promotion or company if he were to turn back the clock and return to in-ring action.

"I would have always liked to have worked with Randy Orton because of the Diamond Cutter and the RKO." DDP shared. "I think if Randy was a heel. Randy's not at the top of his game anymore. He's still great in the ring, he looks great, he's just not featured. He was featured for 15 years, he had a hell of a run, but I'd still love to work with him, even if it was today. I'm past that now, but if I could go back in time ten years it would have been amazing."

One of the bigger comeback stories in pro wrestling was the return of former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan after three years of being out of action due to concussion-related issues. DDP feels that he and Bryan had similar careers in WWE in the way that the company were not major believers of the two but they both made them believe.

"Oh man, I love Daniel Bryan, and we had a very similar career where they didn't really believe in either one of us and we both rose to a whole different level of stardom. He's still going. I love watching him out there because he's the underdog who works harder than anybody out there so I have a really fond spot in my heart for that kid."


Diamond Dallas Page also further dove into his workout program, shared his thoughts on if he believes WWE misused him with the "stalker" gimmick in 2001, and discussed more. To read the full interview with the former WWF European Champion, click here.

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