Dr. David Schultz Discusses Being A True Heel, History With Hulk Hogan

Dr. David Schultz was recently a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast. You can check out the full podcast at this link, and submitted highlights courtesy of the Two Man Power Trip below.

History with Hulk Hogan:

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“Hogan knew that I could beat him anytime I got ready in a match but that wasn't in the plans. We were working up to a main event and Hogan got all scared and worried. But me and Terry were really close friends because he didn't have a place to stay when he started and when he came to Florida I met him there and he was just staying in his van. So we took him into the house and he stayed with me and my wife in our house because the guy was green (and) I liked the guy and he was a good guy. He started me working out in the gym a little more and we really got a long and worked hard and we had some good matches because of that. Finally when we were with Vince I heard that he was telling Vince that he was really scared of David Schultz and said I'm afraid that he is going to beat me all over the ring one of these live TV wrestling shows. Of course Vince didn't like to hear that because when I'd go out there I'd make Terry work and I wouldn't let him stand around and show his muscles, I really made him work. I wasn't the kind of guy that threw a punch and missed by six inches and the guy fell down. I figured if you couldn't take a punch and didn't know how to get out of a hold he should get out of the ring."


Being a true heel:


"When I got through (wrestling) I would get to the dressing, grab a shower and go out the backdoor if there was a backdoor and leave. I didn't sit around and talk to fans and sign autographs for little arena rats and different ones out there I didn't do that. When I'd come in I would stay in the dressing room until my match and then I'd go the ring and that is when they'd see me. Some buildings you can't get out without going through the crowd. When I left everybody hated me. The police hated me, the security guards hated me and I could care less because the next time I'd come back they would buy a ticket just to watch me get beat or think they are going to see me get beat. I always had that philosophy in mind that everybody should hate me at these matches. The promoters, the ring attendants, the people who own the building the guys working the TV whatever I didn't care who they were if they came in the dressing room and they didn't have a license for that state I'd run them out of the dressing room."


"I never missed a wrestling match in my whole career, I never was late for one and I did my job of what I was supposed to do. I always did what the promoter asked me to do and I guess that was my downfall doing what Vince told me to do but still I have a 100% record doing what promoters told me to do. After I look back I wish that I wouldn’t have done half of what the promoters told me to do and that's got nothing to do with Vince. I'm talking about the promises and the guarantees and OH MY God these guys can lie. That is what you are there for to get to the top because you are not there to stay in the bottom match all the time. You want to be in a top spot."


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