Edge And Christian Talk Roman Reigns' Wellness Policy Violation

Roman Reigns dug himself a hole with his recent wellness test failure. Two WWE legends think in the long run, it won't hurt him too much.

Former WWE Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian spoke to 120 Sports recently, and were asked about Reigns. Both Edge and Christian were optimistic that eventually Reigns' talent level will help him overcome it.

“You don’t like to see stuff like that happen to anybody," Christian said. "Especially when they work hard. I don’t know what the circumstances are. I don’t want to comment on it in that respect. It’s a tough thing. You don’t want to see anybody in that situation. Like I said, it’s kind of a tough thing to put your finger on and you hope that it doesn’t affect him going forward. You hope that he can continue where he left off.”

Edge also spoke on the matter, mentioning that Reigns can make the best of a bad experience and turn it into a way to learn. He pointed out longtime rival John Cena as a role model for other stars to follow.

"He’ll learn from it. Like Jay said, we don’t know all of the circumstances surrounding it and probably never will. All you can do is throw guesses at it so, why bother? He’s a good kid. He’ll learn from it. He’ll own up to it and probably won’t make the same mistake againI think that’s how you have to kind of deal with it. You see a guy like John Cena and there’s a reason he’s the face of the company. I think that’s the kind of model that the WWE is going to put out as their franchise player. That’s what you have to look to for guidelines to kind of aspire to," said Edge.

Reigns' suspension was completed this week, and he'll return at this weekend's live events before WWE Battleground.

By Sean Ross Sapp

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