Enzo Amore Feeling The Heat Backstage, New Details Have Come To Light

About a month ago, a story came out that Enzo Amore & Big Cass both had heat backstage. Enzo because he was basically a prick to everyone, and Cass because he was a very vocal Trump supporter.

Now, the Cass loving Trump thing pretty much turned out to be bogus, but it looks like Enzo might really be in some serious hot water. And the "heat" is slowly increasing.

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As the original story in The Wrestling Observer goes, Enzo was kicked off a tour bus in Europe by Roman Reigns and subsequently banned from the locker room. Now, the additional details are that he was apparently talking way too loudly on his cell phone, saying disparaging things about the business. He was also apparently bragging about how much money he was making, ostensibly in a "can you believe these idiots are buying wigs that look like my ridiculous hair?" kind of way.

Then, Corey Graves and JBL brought up Enzo's backstage heat on the most recent episode of "Bring It To The Table," which, considering all topics are handpicked by Executive Producer Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon himself, pretty much confirms there's at least something to this story.

Now, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated has some new tidbits about further Enzo transgressions. According to the SI report, Enzo has been bringing "a series of questionable guests" into the locker room, and said guests have been taking photos and video of the wrestlers, which is a serious violation of unspoken rules that have existed in the business for years.

Also, there was the recent Twitter tirade by a Buffalo stripper, who went into great length and detail in describing Enzo showing up to the club bragging about being "high as f*ck" and shrugging off any kind of penalty for his drug use by repeating that it's "only a $2500 fine." This doesn't even mention his alleged rude and lewd behavior. Word of this got around backstage and left many with a bad taste in their mouths, feeling that that wasn't how a WWE Superstar should be behaving.

So where does this leave us. Barrasso seems to think Enzo might get his walking papers, but The Wrestling Observer says it's a possibility he gets dropped back down to NXT or even made to join the Cruiserweight division where he would appear exclusively on 205 Live.

All of this seems to indicate that Enzo is persona non grata in WWE right now.

A certified jerk, and a bonafide d-bag.

And you can't teach that.


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