Ernest Miller: WWE Said They Couldn't Write For Me

This week’s Two Man Power Trip podcast  features former WCW and WWE Superstar and 3x Karate World Champion, Ernest "The Cat" Miller. In this rare interview, “The Cat” who is widely known for his time working alongside Glacier in WCW as well as the infamous James Brown WCW SuperBrawl appearance opens up in this excerpt about his short run in WWE and why things may not have worked out the way everyone had hoped. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.


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What did he do immediately after WCW closed:

"I never thought about that being the end of my wrestling career because you only end your wrestling career if you get hurt or you end it yourself because can't nobody end your career because there's too much out there."

"I knew I could go to WWE anytime because I saw people going over there that I had worked with and had heard that Vince McMahon really liked my character so I knew that I could do that. But you know what? I had a boatload of money, I had a twelve year old son and a two year old daughter and I was like do I want to  go back because I had just gotten off the road (280 days a year) and I was ready for a two year vacation. When that came (the WWE buyout of WCW) they said you can go right now or just stay home and collect your money. I said I'm staying home and going to collect my money and I was a stay at home Dad, got to take my son to all of his basketball games, take my daughter to school every day for about two to three years and that is why people didn't hear from me."

Eventually landing in WWE:

"When I went to WWE and I was there for two to three years, once I left them people would ask me what you did then. I left WWE because they said they couldn't write for me. Which I thought was a little strange because how could you not write for somebody like me? I could do so many things and Vince McMahon used to tell me that every day. Every time he'd see me he'd say that you are talented and I'm a fan and you've got so many things you can do that all we have to do is give you a mic and go. But when I got there I saw that things were a little different and they were doing some different things and they did give me an opportunity up there and I was happy and I still appreciate them giving me the opportunity to work with them at WWE. When I left wrestling I didn't realize that I wasn't thinking about going back to wrestling I was thinking about going right back to karate and teaching and building my business. For the first two to three years or maybe a little bit longer I didn't even do Indy shows. I was getting calls from Dubai and Germany and from all over the world."

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