Alex Gracia Talks Getting Feedback From Cody & Dustin Rhodes At AEW Appearances

Alex Gracia didn't emerge victorious in her AEW debut on Dark a couple of weeks ago. It's the latest in a series of looks she's had by major companies.

When speaking to Fightful, the youngster Gracia explained how she ended up landing in AEW after making it known that she wanted a crack there.

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"I had talked to QT Marshall. It kind of happens out of nowhere when it’s like, ‘Oh, are you available these days?’ and it’s like, ‘Yes I am!’ I would have made it work no matter what. I just was really trying to keep poking at them a little bit. Like, the last thing I did was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to wait. Just tweeting and replying to [Hikaru] Shida’ ‘cause I’m like, ‘I know they see this.’ But, I was like, what gives it that last little umph, like, ‘Okay, let’s bring her in.’ I’m was like, ‘I’m going to talk and tell them how I feel.’ I posted a promo and everything, just so people can feel my emotion a little bit. It’s not just on a Twitter keyboard," Gracia said.

Gracia often produces her own promos, which she posts on social media. For her, it's gaining experience and familiarizing and audience with her. It doesn't hurt that companies are taking notice of what she's doing, too.

"I love promos so much. You get a little bit more about who I am also. Because a lot of people still don’t really know me. I’m two and a half years in. So, some people will have heard of me or not heard of me and so, just so they can see my personality a little bit, too. It’s not just me typing. Get a little feel for who I am and that I do want to be somewhere that sees something in me and that I do work hard and I want to keep working hard and I want to go somewhere where I can grow and really be an asset for a company," Gracia said.

Gracia's match with Penelope Ford didn't last long, but she says she got high marks for it. Among those included two important conversations with members of the Rhodes family.

"A lot of positive feedback, a lot of compliments on my energy and my look and stuff like that. The next step is trying to set myself apart and showing that. I want to be brought in as a competitor. I want to compete. I want to be in a division and really show them what I can bring to the table. Because whatever they need from me, I’m gonna bring it. It’s one of those things like, ready or not. Even if you tell me something and I I don’t think I’m ready for it, I will get myself ready. I will deliver the best I can. I talked to Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes and felt really good about our conversations. Those were the ones that stuck out the most, of course," Gracia said.

Gracia has worked shows for AEW, Stardom and IMPACT since last year, and was contacted by Ring of Honor and WWE. She's plugging away, hoping to make something happen in a very uncertain times.

"So, hopefully opportunities keep going ‘cause everyone was so great and it really did feel like a great environment. I was like, ‘This just feels comfortable.’ That’s what I want. I want to be somewhere where I’m like, ‘This feels like it’s your home away from home even though it’s work.’ So, it feels like somewhere I would be spending the majority of my time here if I get that chance to come back. So, I really wanted to test that out, too. It was like, ‘Okay, going in there. I’m being brought into do a job and to work, but I wanted to feel it for myself, also.’ ‘Cause it has to be a two way street," Gracia closed.

You can see our full interview with Alex Gracia above, and check her out on Twitter at this link, and Instagram at this link.

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