Angels: "Angels Is Undoubtedly The Best Member Of The Former Dark Order"

Angels is now happy to be a member of The Design in IMPACT Wrestling and is speaking about what he didn't enjoy about his time as a member of AEW's Dark Order.

Alan Angels was once a proud member of The Dark Order. Known as "V" to represent that he was the fifth member of the group, Angels made the most of his time in the group. In February 2022, he made the decision to leave AEW and explore other paths in the world of wrestling.


However, Angels has since gone on to say that he wasn't fond of his time under Evil Uno and the rest of Dark Order. During an interview conducted at WrestleCade 2022, Angels aired some of his grievances with Evil Uno while speaking to Sean Ross Sapp.

"It’s not like I’m going to forgive him, you know what I mean? He treated me like shit for two years almost. So you think I’m just going to forgive him like that? No. Personally, I would love to fight him. Like I said, today I’m here because I’m paid. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t want to see his ugly face. He does have an ugly face under that mask, as we almost saw last night," Angels said of Preston Vance's betrayal of the group. "That was probably my favorite part of the whole thing. They took his mask off to reveal that he is actually really ugly and he does have a dumb bald head."

Now, Angels is a proud member of The Design, formerly known as Violent by Design, before the on-screen murder of Eric Young at the hands of Deaner, a faction that he believes is far better than Dark Order.

"It makes me quite happy, I think, and to know that I’m now in probably the best group in IMPACT, Violent By Design, a faction that is far above anything the Dark Order ever was. Violent By Design is ten times better. So I’m very happy and I’m happy that they’re leaving because from the beginning the Dark Order was an evil cult, right?"

One positive about The Design is that he says all of the numbers are equals, acknowledging that Eric Young, after losing to Sami Callihan was not "doing so hot"

"Now, listen, we are equals. Deaner, Kon, myself—equals. EY, he lost that match to Sami. He’s not doing so hot right now. But me, Kon and Deaner—equals, okay? Dark Order were never equals. That’s never what we were about. There was a hierarchy in the Dark Order. Whether Uno wants to admit it or not and I was at the bottom of it. In all those guys’ eyes, I was at the bottom of it."

Believing that in the eyes of his former Dark Order stablemates oh, he was seen as the weak link, Angels is now proudly boasting that he believes he was the best member of the group.

"In my eyes, I’m the best one in that group, okay? The best wrestler. The best talker. The best personality. The best everything, okay? That should be the title of your little dirt sheet, Sean."

Now, fans can watch Angels every Thursday on IMPACT Wrestling. Fightful has live coverage every Thursday.

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