Backstage Reactions To Potential AEW-NJPW Relationship

Could we see a NJPW/AEW relationship? The teases are there.

The last few weeks have seen Hiroshi Tanahashi appear in a pre-recorded video on AEW programming. Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho and others have jumped between the companies, but word is that a "forbidden door" still exists.

Tony Khan Says Bandido's Visa Renewal Has Been Settled

Fightful Select reported more on the situation recently.

We've spent the last week asking AEW talent if they believe Harold Meij's ousting would lead to a partnership between AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and got some interesting responses.

Those who haven't worked in Japan much said that they haven't heard a ton of talk about the move and it wasn't a primary concern for them anyway. We did hear the same talking point that almost everyone knows there were some hurt feelings on both sides of the NJPW split with many of the talent who left for AEW.

"It definitely won't hurt things," one top talent told Fightful. "Most people here are still in touch with the people over there and Meij had alienated a lot of the English-speakers they had on the roster. There wasn't a lot of belief in him to begin with, but the way he handled that wasn't good. Tony (Khan) has done his best to keep it amicable."

We followed up with other talent about Khan's efforts to remain amicable.

"A lot of the deals are set up to allow people to work there. He could avoid that if he wanted. I think that's a pretty clear sign whether he says it or not that he wants to. I don't know if he had a personal relationship with Harold, but I did, and I didn't want to do business with Harold anymore," said a former NJPW star.

Even one person on the current NJPW roster told us they were hopeful for a relationship to develop because "it would mean more money for New Japan, AEW and the wrestlers," but said that due to New Japan's expansion into the States, it might throw a hiccup into the possibility.

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