Brass Ring Series: Liv Morgan Put Over By Co-Workers

Earlier this year, Fightful sought to publish some positive news amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Around that time, we started reaching out to dozens of WWE sources to ask them who had been working hard to improve. Responses at that point were scattered, but in recent months have accelerated.

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It probably won't come as a surprise, but Liv Morgan was highly regarded among her peers that we spoke to.

"Someone else that stands out is Liv Morgan," a top talent told us. "She's is obsessed with improving and becoming one of the best. She cares more than anybody, I think. It's great to see that kind of passion. Not everyone has it."

A female wrestler on the roster would follow up and say "Liv is one of those people that everyone wants to work with because you know that she'll do whatever it takes to make the match, the angle, the interview as good as possible. Even if she's not winning or even coming out looking good, she always wants what she's a part of to be good because she knows how it reflects on her, win or lose."

Another person close to the writing team told Fightful that at least three times over the last year, there have been bold or significant plans for Liv Morgan that just ended up getting abandoned or halted. We were told that none of those were circumstances of her doing.

We got more responses regarding Liv Morgan for this series than anyone else.

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