Clark Connors Says NJPW Edited Out A 10-Minute Section Of 'Bullet Club War Dogs: Loose in Tokyo' Video

Clark Connors talks about the Bullet Club War Dogs being let loose in Tokyo.

As Clark Connors and the other members of Bullet Club's new War Dogs chapter, Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin, look to make the club their own and leave their own mark, a nearly 20-minute video was released on NJPW's YouTube channel with the group hanging out in Tokyo.

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New Japan Pro-Wrestling uploaded the video with a disclaimer noting that they did not endorse any of the actions or opinions expressed in the video, and at different points, there were notes of content being edited from the video due to it being deemed inappropriate.

Speaking in an interview exclusive to Fightful Select, Clark Connors explained to Sean Ross Sapp how that video came to be. Connors also spoke about NJPW editing the video, noting that a whole 10-minute portion of the video was excluded completely.

"That was something that came about because a local videographer reached out to me. He was a big fan. He wanted to go and hang out with the War Dogs," Connors said. "We’re not gonna just hang out with some guy, you know what I mean? So we told him, ‘Hey, bring your camera. We’re gonna make content out of it.’ Basically he got paid to hang out with us. That being said, what you saw in the video, it was a good time, it was fun, but New Japan edited the fuck out of that. Not even just the beeps and the bloops and blurring stuff out, there was a whole 10 minutes we had to cut out of good footage of we were in the club, meeting up with some girls and shit. It was a good time that couldn’t even be shown. So let’s put it that way, right? It’s always a good time when you’re out with the War Dogs no matter where we’re at."

Elsewhere in this interview, Connors gave his thoughts on Bullet Club Gold. Fans can read why he believes AEW's faction is bullshit at this link.

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