David Penzer Says He Was Not Interviewed For 'Who Killed WCW?' Docuseries

Perhaps no one in wrestling watched as many WCW matches from the front row as David Penzer, the long-time WCW ring announcer who was present for every episode of WCW Nitro and WCW Thunder.

VICE is set to premiere its new four-part docuseries "Who Killed WCW?" which was put together by The Rock and Seven Bucks Productions.

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Despite his vast knowledge and insight into the company, Penzer says he was not interviewed for the series.

"I was not. I was in talks with them about it. They were interested. I don't know if this is what I was told or if it's true, but at some point, they had to decide, 'These are the eight or ten people we're going to interview,' and I didn't make the cut. I understood, it was no hard feelings. If you have to pick between David Penzer and Eric Bischoff or David Penzer and Kevin Nash, you're stupid not to get the main guys. They were going to use me sort of as my book is, as just a non-wrestler watching it all and what my perspective was. I was one of the last cuts they made and that's cool. I would have been excited to do it, but quite frankly, if you want to hear my take on it, just buy the book. I'm looking forward to seeing it," he said in an interview with Jeremy Lambert & Stephen Jensen on The Spotlight.

Penzer does detail his time in WCW in his new book Sitting Ringside, which fans can order by clicking here.

Fans can learn more about who was interviewed for "Who Killed WCW?" by clicking here.

Check out the full interview with Penzer in the video above.

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