Details Behind Arez And Aramis Getting MLW Releases, Miscommunication Between Sides

Arez and Aramis are no longer in MLW.

Arez went public asking for his release today. However, MLW publicly stated that they'd released the two in May, and that AAA were to relay this information to them.

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The MLW side of things claims that Konnan had acknowledged he would let them know, and that MLW hadn't heard anything since then.

MLW sources say that the two are and have been released and can do as they please, and have been off internal rosters for over six months. Sources in the company theorized either AAA didn't tell Arez and Aramis, or didn't authorize the release.

There was actually a signature page with both MLW and AAA higher ups that was awaiting Arez's signature to finalize the release.

In addition, MLW is working with CMLL now and had constructed their roster to not feature AAA talent in recent months.

We've also reached out to Arez and Konnan for the story. Arez said "I was never informed of my release, even when I asked them to inform me about what was happening, they only said that I should wait until the contract time had passed."

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