Exclusive: Joey Janela Says It Was Hectic Backstage At His Last 'Spring Break' Show, And Jokes About Fighting Matt Riddle

The "Bad Boy" talks to Fightful.

While speaking with our very own Sean Ross Sapp, Joey Janela shared an abundance of interesting information throughout the 20 minute conversation. One of the more humorous parts of the interview was Joey Janela being told by Sean Ross Sapp that he could stand toe-to-toe in a fight with current PWG World Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle. Janela quickly went against said statement.

"Yeah, yeah you did do that. No, I don’t think I’m gonna punch Riddle. I’m not gonna punch Matt Riddle come on. Believe me, he’ll be like “Bro”, then knock me the f**k out."

On a more serious note, Joey Janela's 'Spring Break II' is upon us. His show in 2017 was a success and the current AIW Intense Champion is looking for a two-peat. Putting together shows are not an easy feat as he described a few of the worries that came about prior to the start of 'Spring Break I'.

"Oh last year I don’t know, it all just came together. Ethan Page, he agented the Clusterf**k match, which was the big thing, and I just kind of let everyone run wild." He stated, "I don’t think we had a lack of a meeting last year like we were supposed to. It was so hectic, because we were trying…. We were running back and forth because Earl Hebner, we didn’t know if Earl Hebner was to show up because he was at the same bar as Gillberg."

You can see the full interview at Fightful.com, and check out Joey Janela's Spring Break 2 this week at WWNLive.com.

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