Exclusive: Yep, Enzo Amore Did Get Kicked Out Of The WWE Locker Room For Punching Someone

You may have seen a story this afternoon in regards to former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore claiming that the reason that he got kicked out of the WWE locker room last year was because he punched another wrestler. As it turns out, he's not lying -- kind of.

Enzo recited a story during his concert this week, claiming that he'd "punched a bully" in the locker room. You can see the full article at this link, and an excerpt below:

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"You ever heard a story of me getting kicked out of a locker room. That shit leaks and that’s because I was the only motherfucker who would stand up to bullies and punch somebody in their fucking mouth and you guys didn’t hear about that. You heard what they leaked. but Enzo is a real one, dawg,” he stated. “So I don’t hit the dirt sheets. I don’t tell people about the fights I gotta get into backstage to get what the fuck I need to get for my family, alright? You keep a small circle and you don’t let squares in it. In my circle is the people around me you see on the stage. I’ve been living with my best friend since elementary school since I made it and I had the time of my life and it’s because of the fans. You all saved my job more times than you know.”

Enzo continued, “Because I had to go out there and fight for every word that came out of my mouth...I said what the fuck I wanted, every night. Vince loved it. People hated it."

Fightful followed up on this by reaching out to several WWE wrestlers who were there at the time, all of which confirmed the story, but a little bit different than the way Enzo portrayed it.

"It's true (that he punched someone). Sucker punch from the side, when he was being chewed out for doing dumb shit, which happened very often," said one talent. "He was delusional to the reality that he existed in." We were told by others that he was reprimanded for everything from leaving trash around, to bringing people backstage who would cause issues.

The locker room made an agreement to keep the story quiet, as they didn't want the person who got punched to have his name in the news. Fightful is still working to find out who Amore actually punched. One wrestler said "It's amazing how the only people who could really stand Enzo for any extended amount of time isn't (aren't) with the company anymore."

Another said that Enzo was a running joke this week at television, as he claimed to try to distance himself from wrestling, but has been wearing mock-pro wrestling merchandise, paid to have a title belt customized, and performs pro wrestling moves on stage and in his music videos. Every source we spoke to says that Amore has effectively burned a bridge with WWE, which isn't easy to do as the company tries to stay amicable.

We'll discuss this story more on the post-Smackdown Podcast tonight on Fightful.com

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