Fabulous Moolah's Daughter Sends Fightful Scathing Message, Accusing Buddy Lee Of Being Perpetrator

It seemed as if the controversy surrounding the Fabulous Moolah, WWE, and Snickers had died down since WWE changed the name of the battle royal meant to honor her. But apparently, her side isn't giving up.

Moolah's daughter Mary Austin reached out to me via Facebook -- refuting coverage of the claims presented by the likes of Mad Maxine, Luna Vachon, Sweet Georgia Brown's family. She also denied the validity of a newspaper clipping that emerged, stating that at 15 years old, Austin said that she was forced to wrestle by her mother following an appendectomy and subsequently not paid.

Below is the transcript of the initial messages sent. In the messages, Austin places the blame on Buddy Lee, and accuses the women who spoke ill of Moolah to be jealous.

I don’t know where u got ur information for the horrible things u said about Moolah but u have incorrect information. If there was any pimping going on I assure u it was not done by my mother. After Buddy Lee n(sic) her broke up some of the girls stayed with her and some went with Buddy including Georgia Brown. Anything that happened to her was a result of Mr Lee.This was her choice To go with him. The other information u got from some of the wannabes that didn’t make it at her school.Why don’t u talk to some of her girls that don’t have a negative jealous opinion.

U seem to have jumped rite into hate mode talking about her. What horrible things to say about a person that had been dead over 10 years!You r wrong and ur additude (sic) sucks!She will always b the best woman wrestler ever n was NEVER a pimp as u said.Get ur facts straight.Two sides to every story.

Since the story broke, several women who trained under Moolah have came to her defense including Joyce Grable, who said that had Moolah pimped anyone out that she'd have been "number one on the list." Others include Peggy Lee, who admitted that Moolah was a shrewd businesswoman, "but as far as this pimping, that’s a big bunch of bullshit.” It should be worth noting, Fightful's Pat Fannin did publish a story on that two days before the incoming message. Austin had also participated in an interview earlier on Thursday afternoon.

Fightful reported last week that WrestleMania sponsor Snickers was unhappy with the backlash received as a result of Moolah's name being attached to a battle royal on the show.