Fresh Air On Training With Evil Uno And Stu Grayson: They’ve Been Amazing To Us

Fresh Air has high praise for Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.

The duo of Junior Benito and Macrae Martin has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent months, competing in promotions like BEYOND, ETU, and Mystery Wrestling. Both Benito and Martin have spent time at the wrestling school known as The Keep, which is ran by Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.

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While speaking to Fightful's Indied podcast for a new interview, Macrae Martin talked about attending the school and how the duo of Uno and Grayson help them out with the intricacies of tag team wrestling

“It is definitely like you said a blessing. It’s funny because James Stone, another wrestler here who we are great friends with, reminds us almost daily of how lucky we are, [talking about] like back in his days, they were learning on mats or bumping on grass and that was their training. To have a great facility, it’s got a full gym, we have two of the best wrestlers in the world, and it’s cool because not only have we been able to grow with them and they’ve been able to mentor us, but we’ve also got to see them grow as teachers. When we went to the keep, the keep had just opened so there wasn’t even like a class yet, it was kind of us going two or three times a week to just mess around and get some of the basics. Then, they’re like, alright, let’s do some fun stuff. It’s kind of cool to now see where they are as trainers where we’re like six classes deep and we’ve seen how their training style has evolved. Yeah, they’ve been amazing to us. As a tag team especially, where they are just so smart when it comes to even the little intricacies of a tag team match whether it’s like working towards the tag or tag team psychology or just following the rules, because a lot of people don’t follow the rules and that’s like some of the biggest feedback they get from TV, is just they follow the rules. A lot of the vets notice this, so just having their expertise to be able to go to them with anything is very helpful to us.”

Junior Benito went on to state that he's very grateful for the way coaching worked out for the younger generation.

“We’ve been coached by mostly guys that were coached the hard way, so in their minds, they told themselves that when we get the opportunity to train people, we’ll do it better than how we were taught. So it’s kind of this younger generation getting spoiled in a way. I’m not complaining, I’m very very thankful and grateful for the way we’ve been brought up because it’s only going to let us learn for the next generation and to be able to teach them a little better as well. We’re definitely spoiled to say the least.”

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