Jack Moody Reflects On Being Trained By Shawn Spears And Tyler Breeze

Jack Moody looks back on training with Tyler Breeze and Shawn Spears.

Moody began his wrestling age at a late age, starting his training at 32 years old with Fight Factory in Dublin, Ireland. However, this was not the only training Moody would seek out. He would also travel to Florida, where he would train under Shawn Spears and Tyler Breeze's wrestling school, Flatbacks.

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While speaking to Fightful's Corey Brennan in a recent interview, Moody reflected on his time training under Breeze and Spears as coaches.

"Two parallel tracks really. I mean, I guess Florida isn't quite as exotic as Dublin so that was probably the biggest adjustment weather-wise. I would say the biggest difference is probably the training style. Fight Factory has a fairly well-renowned emphasis on chain wrestling. Whereas in the US more broadly, that doesn't really feature high on the curriculum of most schools. So if you can kind of master that art and showcase it in the US you will automatically stand out. So i owe a lot to Fight Factory for kind of giving me a really, really good grounding in that style, which I have like really come to appreciate and love and it's going to give me a great platform to go on to other countries and showcase that. But Florida and Flatbacks, it's kind of PC style training, like Spears and Breeze have been to WWE and AEW and they know exactly what the training regiment is like in the PC. So they are all about fundamentals and they basically take you through an eight week course and it's an eight week intensive cardiovascular experience because if you don't have that, you won't get a shot in either promotion. So it was really having done maybe a year of training. That is ideally going to set you up for a tryout somewhere was really, really cool. Very cool to learn under both of those guys who have so much experience and a wealth of knowledge. But yeah, super intensive, like cardio wise, that was probably the biggest adjustment initially, this was going to be intense. It was an amazing experience to be based in Florida for so long. You're in this wrestling ecosystem because there's so many wrestlers there that are based there for their work. Like you would just be in the gym lifting weights and there's Malachi Black walking by. So you constantly get the sense that this is the the center of the universe for wrestling."

Shawn Spears recently returned to WWE on the February 27th edition of NXT. For more on Spears' return to WWE, you can find it here.

Elsewhere in Moody's interview with Fightful, he discussed how entering wrestling at 32 effected his training. You can read more about that here.

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