KiLynn King Reflects On Representing AEW At NWA EmPowerrr Alongside Red Velvet

KiLynn King recalls learning her involvement with NWA EmPowerrr, the all women pay-per-view event from 2021.

Today, KiLynn King is a regular part of NWA programming but back in the summer of 2021, she was excited to be representing AEW at NWA EmPowerrr. King would partner with Red Velvet in the tournament to crown the first-ever NWA Women's Tag Team Champions.

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Reflecting on the day that she learned of her involvement in the event, King tells Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp in a new interview that both she and Velvet were eager to be involved in the event and reflects on it being a full-circle moment for the two of them.

“She’s one of my best friends. I remember the day we were at tapings, getting ready for a match,” King recalled. “Velvet came into the bathroom, she found me and said, ‘Hey, Christopher Daniels is looking for you.’ Christopher Daniels doesn’t look for people—at least not for me, that often—he would come and find me and give me some critiques about my match the night before. But after searching for me, that had never happened before. I was sitting there going, ‘Oh, no. What did I do? Am I in trouble?’ I remember I just immediately started shaking. ‘Why does Christopher Daniels need to see me?’ So I went out into the hallway. He was there and Velvet was about to go run off and he was like, ‘No, no, no. I need you, too.’ She was like, ‘Oh! Oh, okay.’ So we both gab and we talk to him and that’s when he told us, ‘Hey, we want you guys to go represent us at the EmPowerrr pay-per-view, the all women’s pay-per-view.’

“I remember he was like, ‘Let me know what you want to do.’ Her and I are just like, ‘Yes, we want to do that,” she continued. “[You don’t need to give us time to think about it.] Yes we want to do this.’ So it was really cool. I always tell people, ‘I appreciate that it was her that I got to do that with.’ Because, like I alluded to earlier, her and I knew each other before AEW. It was one of those friendships where the moment we met each other, we knew we get each other, we like each other. So the fact we got to end up in AEW together and the new got to tag together and then we got to be on our first pay-per-view together as a tag team, I was like, ‘How cool is that?’ I feel like I use this expression so much, and I apologize for that, but it was full circle moment. I love seeing those kinds of things happen where something feels special, but you don’t know why, and then all these things happen and it comes back and you’re like, ‘Ahh! That’s why. Because we were meant to be big things together.’ It was really cool.”

King’s journey with the National Wrestling Alliance took her to NWA Alwayz Ready, which saw her challenge Kamille for the women's title in a losing effort.

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