Mark Henry Says 'It's Time For The Main Event' Was Pulled From AEW Rampage Because It Was 'Too Over'

Mark Henry comments on his famous AEW Rampage catchphrase.

At the beginning of AEW Rampage's run on TV in 2021, fans got a kick out of Mark Henry saying "Well, that's enough talk. It's time for the main event!" ahead of every Friday night headliner.

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During a recent interview with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion said that the catchphrase stopped eventually because it was too popular.

"It was too over," he said. "I wasn't a talent. You can't be more over than the talent."

This led to an overall conversation about the importance of communication and said that, as the boss, Tony Khan didn't have to do anything that Henry said, but he wished that Tony would have allowed him to help Tony become a better boss.

"You know what, man? Tony, people are going to say negative things about Tony. Communication is the key. Like, I was able to communicate with Tony. Tony is the boss. So he don't listen, he don't have to do nothing that I say. You know? He's the boss. But I wish that he would allow me to help him be even more the boss because talent will always try to lead you to do it their way, to make it fit them rather than make it fit the company and I just wanted AEW to do well," he said. "I don't disrespect no individual talent. There's no wrestler that would ever say, ‘Mark Henry shit on me,’ except for maybe Ahmed Johnson and Ryback, but they deserve every bit of venom that I was spit at their ass.

"I might critique things from an educated standpoint, but I don't target people. I don't try to belittle anyone. I want to do just that—a critique is the point to get it fixed," he continued. I want it to get fixed. There's some people that just criticize for clickbait to try to make it seem like, ‘Oh, I was great, and you were the shits.’ Those people, I don't talk to people like that. There's no wrestler that can say that they're a friend of mine, and they run talent down."

Henry then recalled a conversation he had with LA Knight during a WrestleMania weekend and how he helped put Knight over.

"I remember talking to LA Knight at WrestleMania last year and he came on the show and I mentioned, I said, ‘You know what, I'm really proud that you have been able to find your way and make things yours. Because there was a time when I was very critical of you, because you did more copying than you—’ He said, ‘Yep, yep, I remember you. You were pretty damn critical.’ I said, ‘Look, if you felt like there was an issue, you should have called me.’

"There's 1,000 people over there with my phone number and if I thought that somebody that I had respect for or that I knew could teach me something, and they said, ‘You know what, Mark, you're good, but you might want to try this.’ I'm going to listen and I'm going to try to fix it," added Henry. "That's why I have success. You don't become a World Champion in three sports that have nothing to do with each other because you that damn live. God gave me some unusual gifts and a lot of confidence. But He also allowed me to be humble and He allowed me to realize that I don't know everything and to be teachable and coachable. That's been kind of the groundwork of my success."

There you have it, don't be more over than any of the talent in the ring, and be coachable. Sound advice from Mark Henry.

Elsewhere in this interview, Henry spoke about AJ Styles doing a fake retirement similar to the one that he pulled on John Cena in 2013. Read his comments here.

Check out the full interview with Henry embedded above.

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