More On CM Punk's Return To AEW

M Punk is headed back to All Elite Wrestling after being out for over nine months.

Immediately after AEW All Out, there were numerous wrestlers that said that they would have left the company if Punk was back. Most of those were tied to his words at the scrum as opposed to the brawl itself, of which we’ve heard that Punk would apologize for the former. Since it became abundantly clear that Punk was coming back, we haven’t heard that there are any walkouts planned. Things have absolutely cooled off.

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AEW has taken measures to make sure as much talent that do have issues with Punk (or other talent, for that matter) are kept separately as a part of the brand split. One of the ways that this deal came together was Ace Steel being brought back to the company. While most that we spoke to felt like this situation would not have blown up as much if Ace Steel wasn’t involved, there were numerous sources who said that Steel’s skill set was underestimated by many they’ve seen online. Steel was seen as a valuable member of the AEW team prior to Brawl Out, as a creative mind and a coach.

Originally we’re told there were heavy pitches for Chris Jericho to work with CM Punk, but we haven’t heard anything new on that front for quite some time. Fightful reported that Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk was planned at one point, which we have heard was still in the works. However, of late, word is that CM Punk has taken a liking to the work of Switchblade Jay White, and that he could be an early opponent or program with CM Punk along with Bullet Club Gold. Specifically, we’re told CM Punk & FTR vs. Bullet Club Gold and Samoa Joe is in the cards.

We’re told that despite it was largely assumed that CM Punk’s return would be the May 31 announcement by Tony Khan, almost no one was outright told that prior.

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