More On Triple H Regaining Power Within WWE, Reactions From Talent

Triple H is back in power, as WWE has announced he's back as EVP of Talent Relations, which is effectively him as head of the role, as mentioned in his statement.

One source indicated that Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were set to travel to Smackdown in Boston, though their specific plans there aren't known. Several times when major shifts like this happen within the company, those three particularly hold a talent meeting.

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We were able to confirm that as a result of this move, Bruce Prichard is now finished with his iterim talent relations role, and will resume his job in creative. There were some concerns among talent over having someone work both of those spots, but haven't heard that things went anything but smoothly in that regard thus far.

The move also signaled the widely expected confirmation that John Laurinaitis is effectively done with the company. Laurinaitis is being investigated in relation to the Vince McMahon-Wall Street Journal sexual misconduct story, and many expected Laurinaitis to be the "fall guy" in it from a professional standpoint. There was outright celebration from some top talent in the company when Laurinaitis was ousted, with one calling him a "snake." Beyond that, several sources had claimed that the role itself was one that had long passed Laurinaitis by.

We spoke to talent about the move, all of whom said that they got along well with Triple H. One top talent said they weren't sure why Triple H was ever removed to begin with, with one more saying that he'll likely need to adapt to what the new vision of talent hiring is as opposed to his vision that became clear during NXT Black & Gold. Another longtime talent said they're happy for the move, as Triple H is approachable, and gets back to talent, understands what they're going through, and doesn't give them the "we'll see" answers.

Triple H officially retired as an in-ring competitor earlier this year after a 2021 cardiac event. Even prior to that, his responsibilities had adjusted and even dwindled. He is no longer running NXT, and the vision of that program was changed heavily, now managed by Shawn Michaels. We're told that NXT creatively is not directly affected by this, though Triple H will be hiring and recruiting talent again.

"WWE executive Paul Levesque will assume all responsibilities related to WWE’s creative, in addition to his regular duties."

The chips are starting to fall within WWE, and Triple H is working in creative again. Immediately after the WWE's PR report, Fightful clarified with WWE that Triple H would indeed be heading up creative in addition to accepting those roles.

On Friday, July 21 Ed Koskey and Bruce Prichard were largely in control of the direction of the show and producers were told that Triple H would at least be the "finish guy." WWE confirmed to us that Bruce Prichard remains with the company, and will work in creative. Last week, higher ups were told Vince would still be available to some degree as he transitions away from the company.

Talent reaction to the news was general excitement. There were some concerns raised when Bruce Prichard was both heading up creative and in an interim talent relations role, as talent had to ask the person that handled their creative for time off if they wanted it.

One source at USA Network that got back to Fightful about the news said that "this is an exciting change."

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