NXT Battleground Backstage News And Notes

Backstage news from NXT TV and Battleground!

NXT TV 6/4/24

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  • Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan has learned the following backstage notes from the June 4th edition of NXT.
  • - Shawn Michaels stepped in for Jacy Jayne during rehearsals. For those questioning why Shawn only steps in for surprises, we are asking.
  • - Jayne’s injury return came ahead of schedule, even potential timetables that included the protective mask that fans saw on NXT.
  • - No rundowns were distributed for this week’s show, with several production staff receiving blank sheets just before doors.
  • - No surprise, but Ethan Page’s promo work in the main event segment received praise from those we spoke to.

NXT Battleground

  • As highlighted, Gail Kim, Jonathan Gresham, Anthony Cicione and Ariel Shnerner from TNA were at the show.
  • While the UFC Octagon was pitched for use at Battleground, we were told this would cause logistical issues by those we spoke to in production, and unlikely to occur due to these issues.
  • The setup for the show was said to be complicated and a new challenge for the crew but those we spoke to in production have been happy with how the setup for the show has come together in the UFC Apex.
  • - As shown on social media and in a digital exclusive, CM Punk was in attendance for the event. Punk once again kept a low profile at the event but was in good spirits.
  • - Jordynne Grace’s earring being ripped out led to a brief consideration backstage to have a doctor check Grace over, but was left alone when it became clear Jordynne was unfazed by it. Jordynne revealed on social media on Monday morning that she would be retiring wearing earrings during matches due to the mishap.
  • - We are told all six women came out of the women’s North American Title ladder match banged up but with no notable injuries. Kelani Jordan received an ovation backstage following her title win.
  • - We are told there was a brief consideration to have the TNA contingent of Gail Kim, Jonathan Gresham and company shown on the broadcast.
  • - The UFC names featured on the show were all said to be enthusiastic about the experience, with one fighter openly expressing their desire to work with WWE in the future.
  • - Those we spoke to in NXT spoke highly of former talent in TNA such as Mustafa Ali and Zachary Wentz. It has long been known in NXT that Shawn Michaels was a big supporter of Mustafa Ali prior to his WWE release and had big plans for him on the brand prior to his exit, but those we spoke to noted that if Ali were to appear in NXT, it would have to be on his terms.

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