RJ City Says That Wrestling Companies Have Tried To Sign Him, But Shouldn't

RJ City is syndicated in over 100 countries worldwide (he told us), but he isn't necessarily sure what wrestling's television expansion will do for him.

Currently, WWE, NXT, Ring of Honor, IMPACT Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling and MLW all have television exposure in the United States, witht he NWA set for upcoming tapings. With RJ City being one of the more colorful personalities that is without a full-time wrestling contract, it's not unreasonable to think he's about to get his fair share of offers.

However, the Smashalot (and Splatalot) star isn't quite sure wrestling companies saying they have "TV" is what it seems.

"TV is a relative term, but okay," RJ told Fightful. "Everyone says 'oh, we have TV!" Or, do you just have a Youtube show? TV, the word, the phrase, the whole business is changing. Not just wrestling, television. I've been on TV, I'm syndicated in over 100 countries. I'm a filmmaker, a raconteur! I have two non-wrestling things in development now, I'm not telling you (what they are), they're in development! One that's somewhat wrestling related, but idiotic, and one that's not my demographic at all, and I'm hoping that demographic doesn't find out about the wrestling demographic. I don't think they'll coexist very well. Every Sunday morning on Youtube, I do coffee in my underwear. IS THAT ON TV!?"

Regardless of RJ's thoughts on what constitutes television and what doesn't, he stands out from the pack in independent wrestling. Over the past year alone, RJ City has worked the likes of former ECW Champions Raven, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhino, and last year was featured on an IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only PPV, which saw him work against the darling duo of Alberto El Patron and Austin Aries. In addition, he's had a high profile feud and friendship with movie star David Arquette, which he called a "contractually obligated associates."

With his profile increasing, and his super-celebrity being seen (syndicated in over 100 countries) worldwide, City doesn't seem that keen on getting locked down with a full-time deal.

"And they have, and I've said no. Some of them are not very good for me. For someone else, they may be great! It's not in my particular genre of idiocy. I didn't feel terribly moved by them. I'm a very weird person, I like doing my own stuff. I'll say, if any companies are interested, probably a bad idea to sign me. I don't think you want to hand me a microphone or have me backstage. #DontSignRJ,"

Hours following our interview, RJ was booked for two events -- one starting at 8 PM, another at 9 PM, with him actually working the latter first. He would lose both matches, as he would during the entire weekend -- outside of this interview, his highlight was singing to Joey Ryan's penis during a bout.

You can see our full conversation with RJ City above, and check out his Youtube channel that is primarily him hanging out in his underwear at this link. He'll also be at the Comedy Bar in Toronto on October 14 for "Eye Contact & Anxiety" with Dalton Castle. You can purchase tickets at this link.

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