Ronda Rousey And Shayna Baszler Filmed Own Segments This Summer

We've yet to see any Ronda Rousey-Shayna Baszler feuds in WWE, but that hasn't stopped them from making sense of WWE angles on their own.

Recently, Rousey was booked in a Women's Title program with Baszler's then-partner Natayla. Along the way, Baszler was briefly integrated into the story, with the two giving a nod to their yearslong history and friendship with one another. However, there was also a video released on WWE on Fox's social media where the two made sense of the situation, and explaining their stances.

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We're told that the angle was something Rousey and Baszler planned out themselves, and wasn't cooked up by WWE creative. In addition, we were informed that there was no real plan to acknowledge the history between the two on WWE TV at that point outside of a mention on commentary.

We're told that a program between the two is much likelier now than with the previous regime.

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